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  • I confuse you in what way EK? 2002-05-12 15:29:55 O.O; 
  • the wonderful drooling fanboy that is EK... 2002-05-12 03:39:20 I found your post so funny deary... I had to post my reply in my journal as well!

    EK, you know how much you turn me on with your fanboy drool! If you only knew the power you hold over me ^_~

    I honestly was avoiding you at Acen after I caught a glimpse of you in the RED dress and knew I wouldn't be able to behave. I think at AWA I have to get a fanboy lacky to walk behind you with a boom box playing tunes in honor of the uber cool female / amv creator / artist that you are.

    here are the tracks I have been tossing around... let me know what you think!

    Track 1: Foxy Lady
    Track 2: Dream Weaver (this would require EK to use her special powers to walk in slow motion and a nice wind effect for her hair...)
    Track 3: I See You Baby... Shakin Dat...
    Track 4: Some female super heroine music... I think this should be EK's pref, but I would assume Wonder Woman.
    Track 5: I'm Too Sexy...

    and finally since EK is really a drop dead sexy robot in disguise... codename EK-TIMUS PRIME (the female counter-part of Optimus Prime and the real power behind the Autobot Matrix of Life) I think this finaly track is fitting.

    Track 6: You've Got The TOUCH!

    hahaha!!! I hope this made you laugh EK... and no I didn't see you at Acen. I guess we were both running around too much. One of these cons you have to allow me the pleasure of taking you out for dinner (my treat of course... and if you want to wear the red dress I won't argue ^_-)

    P.S. what is with you last journal entry? Don't feel blue you know that I always have your back! and I have changed my id to jcroasdaile so add me to your aim list again. 
  • Lord of the Rings 2001-12-19 14:34:42 My short review is that it was okay... and that I was expecting more. I know there are 2 other parts to come, but like Star Wars Episode I it was weak imho. I bet it will do well in the box office, but usually when I really like a movie I don't mind going to see it a second time and this isn't one of those movies. 
  • I am so bored at work I have put Yatta on repeat... 2001-12-04 13:53:15 this video is going to be so much fun to make!

    everyone say YATTA!!! 
  • can people tell I am bored at work? 2001-12-04 12:05:53 it is hard to get motivated when you know they are going to let you go... so I will brainstorm ideas for my Yatta video! lol

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