• Happy B-day Hakura! 2002-03-23 12:19:10 Well.. the title is self explanatory.

    Happy Birthday! 
  • Cool 2002-03-23 03:16:09 Hows this for cool.
    I just realized that my birthday is the same as Spike's
    I know. I have no life. Please, stop me. 
  • Wtf 2002-03-23 02:34:04 Who the fuck names thier "GIRL" Taylor.....
    Fucking hippies. next thing you know your kid is called mineral water or some shit.
    I'm not down with that!

    * Hugs his Gorillaz poster *

  • I hate you Nintendo. 2002-02-11 17:36:29 Well Nintendo can make a good console, I'll give it that. Drop the gamecube and it'll work again, fall over, in your chair ontop of your gamecube controller and the damn thing breaks, stupid ass directional stick. BAD NINTENDO BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD. >_< Now I have to buy a new goddamn controller, say goodbye to 40 bucks. Oh well, not like theres any good Gamecube games out ATM.

    /me crosses fingers for RE to be good.

    But then again, its Resident Evil, how good can it be?

    *monotone voice*
    Tough ass main character (female): Oh my god, his face was ripped off.
    Secondary character that dies near the end: Do you think he's hurt?

    /me repeatedly hammers a nail into his head

    hey..... this could make a pretty good picture frame! No SCREW THAT! I'll go get another nail and make a sword display! I am a GENIUS!

    Questions that have probed my mind recently

    If god is all powerful, could he make so much secret sauce that even he couldn't drink it all?

    What's that smell?

    If I make that face long enough will it really stay like that?

    Why bother going outside, you're just gonna end up inside again anyway....

  • One word.... 2002-01-23 02:47:01 Whoa.....

    my god, thats like, whoa. 
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