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  • On a roll 2003-09-30 16:00:15 I uploaded my track from the 2nd DDR project, Boom Boom Dollar to the golden donut.

    Now that I have a better understanding of what a dance video should be, I wince when I watch the first half of this video. I think my track from the 3rd project was much better. 
  • More Videos 2003-09-30 11:47:41 I uploaded Black Heaven: Behind the Music and Silent Mobius: The Music Video to the golden donut.

    I haven't decided yet if I'm going to write up my adventures at AWA 9 like I did for AX 2003. :) 
  • Video Posted 2003-09-29 18:21:44 I'm going to work on posting more videos here. I just uploaded Black Heaven: Behind the Music. So that one is finally available for download. 
  • GTM - New Video for AWA Masters 2003 2003-08-28 16:33:10 My entry for the AWA Masters contest is complete and uploaded. It felt real good getting that video done. I loved the concept the moment it started to germinate in my mind. I also took a different approach to it than I have in the past. I took the advice of Brad and Tony at our AMV 101 workshop at AX this year. First, I put the beat marks 2-3 frames before the actual beat and I watched the anime I used over and over and over again. Watching the anime repeatedly not only helped me to visualize almost all the footage Iíd use before I actually started editing, but it also clued me in to a lot of subtle plot elements in the anime itself.

    Iím looking forward to seeing the reaction it gets at the contest. Iíll post some more info about this video after the Masters contest. Drop me an email if youíre real curious.

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  • AX 03 - Sunday 2003-07-17 13:35:26 Sunday, July 6th
    Slept in this morning, except for the drive home, today was to be a no stress day. I moved all my stuff out of my hotel room and down to the car, checked out, then headed down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast I headed over to the Marriot to check up on what was being shown in the video rooms today. I usually duck out of AX a little early by leaving the Con around noon. I thought I might watch a little anime before I left, but there wasnít anything being screened that I was dying to see.

    Next it was over to the dealerís room to see if there were any deals to be had. Nothing really caught my eye. None of the dealers could beat Best Buyís prices for the widely distributed anime titles. I did pick up Volume 2 of FLCL; none of the local stores seemed to carry that. I also found a super cheap VF-1 toy for $4.00, one of the guys at work is a big Macross fan, so that will make a suitable junk gift, this VF looked like it was barely holding together and thatís inside the packaging. I expect it to fall apart moments after being opened.

    Ran into Brad, Sean, Eric Weiner and Tony as I made one last walk through the convention site. Talked a lot about the contest results and how well AX handled the contest this year. Only real complaints I heard were about the MC. Again, I hope AX reconsiders the need for one. I liked it back in 2000/2001 when it just displayed the name of the creator on the screen after the video played. The fact that the creators for half the videos in the contest werenít at the Convention was highlighted when the MC paused after the video looking for the person to come up on stage to take a bow.

    One last visit to the dealerís room came up empty. So I decided to wrap thing up and head home, I still have a bit of a drive ahead of me.

    AX 2003 turned out very well and I am looking forward to next year. Iím happy that it improved so dramatically over last year.

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