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  • BLAAAAAARGH!! 2002-02-06 16:08:47 I don't know why I chose that subject header, it seems to be my random word for subject headers lately.

    Haven't written here since last semester, not that I had a fandom of people dying to read my journal or anything, just felt like putting something in here rather than have it all be drowned in the sea of flame wars occurring in the forums.

    My Rei video made it into the nominations (yay!) and there's some downloading to be done for some of those other videos that I haven't seen before. This morning I downloaded the video by Xombie which was pretty cool, I really want to see Noir after seeing it. At some point I'll download the other new creators' videos and see what's up. Otherwise I already have all the other videos and know what I'd choose when it comes to voting.

    As for all that flaming going on in the forums I think some people are taking this way to seriously but I think some of them are warranted too. I think the biggest war right now is about ErMaC whose videos I've really liked overall, but "Soul of an Angel" really isn't one of my favorites I wonder why people single that one out so much? I think ErMaC has much better ones like Tom Petty Cowboy Bebop video.

    Personally I think "Soul of an Angel" is kind of cool for the first minute or so but it gets rather tiresome because to me all it feels like are some well synched up flash frames and some slowly faded up stills and then all of those elements put together as the song puts them together. I dunno, seems kind of boring to me especially since it's about 6-7 minutes long (I've since forgotten).

    Whatever, I'm happy that my video got nominated though the other ones in the "Character Profile" category are also really good and probably much more well known so it's up in the air, *crosses fingers* 
  • Life is so sweet 2001-12-11 00:37:35 Today my group presented our audio project in class today. Now let me just say that I've been apprehensive as all hell about this project. First thing that happened is that I got paired with the people who don't talk during class who are sort of at the sidelines. Our idea was to make an Alien Invasion mockumentary. Now I sensed at first that people weren't going to take charge so I took the initiative and I admit I dominated the project a lot in the end.

    I did about 50-60% of the voices in the project and maybe 70-80% of the writing. Times like this I think about a question on a personality test which asks if you tend to take charge of the situation because you're worried others will screw up. Not that I didn't listen to all of my partners' feedback, but I felt like they didn't like how much I was doing.

    Anyway, we sort of just ad-libbed a lot of stuff and recorded not nearly enough, we practically made the script up as we went a long and by the end it was like pulling teeth in the editing rooms. By the end we were putting stuff in just to make it longer because it had to be nine minutes total.

    Well, we showed it today and the class LOVED it, it by far got the most laugh and the best reaction from the class. My professor was saying a lot of the projects had potential but weren't fully realized. For our project he said the sound effects and music were great. He didn't say it was great, there were still more things we could've done, but by far we got the most compliments.

    aaaahhhhhhh, sweeeet. One big assignment off my hands, classes end Wednesday and I'm watching all of Trigun with some friends this weekend plus the rest of Cowboy Bebop, the Cowboy Bebop movie, some Jackie Chan movies and Lord of the Rings next week!!!!

    HEE HEE!!! 
  • Wallowing in anime music goodness 2001-12-08 22:16:34 Today I decided to look around for the Cowboy Bebop Movie Soundtrack. Yesterday I went to Chinatown but all I could find were the first two Cowboy Bebop soundtracks which I have MP3s of, though they were $13 each...

    So I was searching through gnutella and there is practically nothing of cowboy bebop music, otherwise the search engine thing on my client isn't very good.

    So I found this FUCKING AWESOME Hotline server with about a billion anime soundtracks including the Cowboy Bebop movie soundtrack, Cowgirl Ed CD (though the files weren't working :( ) and Katsuhiro Otomo's Memories CDs. Though because of NYU's stupid firewall I couldn't upload anything (not that I had anything he didn't) but I'm so glad for one thing which is that he was giving out accounts simply for helping him sort his files and renaming them to his satisfaction. Mmmmm, Cowboy Bebop music *drooooooool* 
  • Reading 2001-12-05 18:36:49 How can a book be so easy to read, yet be so tiring at the same time? I'm at work reading "Lord of the Rings" which I borrowed from my roommate since I had a six hour shift today at work. I feel really tired right now, though it could be the heat, this lab is always so freakin' hot on Wednesdays for some reason.

    But I'm reading it and getting really tired even though I don't stumble over the language or anything. I mean, if it were written like "The Scarlet Letter" then it would make more sense, but does my brain see the single spacing and then get tired or something like that?

    Whatever. I was going to copy more sound effects CDs from the sound library at school but the lab is so full I can't use multiple computers so I'm not going to bother.

    Got a nice review for my Rei video, Thanks Rebus! Makes me want to make another video, but I don't have the time right now, nor do I have any pressing ideas. Though now that I have access to Trigun I want to make one now.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 2001-12-05 10:34:08 Well, I just beat it clocking in about 14 hours, not bad for someone who never played the first (yes, I speak blasphemy I know) but I'll tackle the first game at some point, maybe this Christmas vacation, it's easy enough to find used at an Electronics Boutique. But the ending of MGS2 wasn't terribly fulfilling. I agree with reviews that there was WAAAAY too much dialogue done on the codec, but I understand that must've saved them tons of time in designing the sequences or something. But thank god I'm free of that game. Now I can do my work. Only a week of school left, can't freakin' believe it.

    My roommate just got the Trigun box set, and my god it's beautiful. Especially considering I watched a bunch of episodes on Divx at a resolution too high for my Macintosh to be capable of maintaining any sort of reasonable framerate. I'm sure we'll have a Trigun marathon as soon as classes are over, good stuff.  
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