JOURNAL: RubyHatchet

  • Hmm... 2004-01-10 02:14:01 Okay, so I have more of the video done that I thought I did. Everything is at least filled in except for about half of Hanajima's part. I left the DVDs in my dorm room, though, so no more work on it until I get back to school. Once I've finished it, I'll show it to some friends to see what they don't like about it. Then I'll fix that and upload. ^_^ Let's hope for "end of the month." 
  • Yeahhh.... 2004-01-09 10:14:17 Okay so, I haven't been here for a while. Life suddenly SUCKED. I've got less than a week before I have to be back at school, and I have to spend that time studying for the GMAT. I'll see about when I can finish the second volume of FBtv. 
  • Okiedokie... 2003-10-01 15:33:32 Midterms are coming up, and I have a very busy Saturday, so I probably won't be able to work on the video for a bit. However, it *shall* get done.

    If you happen to be reading this and know of a good FAQ for using Premiere's effects (since I seem to suck at figuring them out), please email with a URL.

    You might have noticed that I gave Hanajima the song "jeepers creepers." I was surprised, actually, how much better it fit her. So now her part is coming along better. 
  • *whew* 2003-09-23 06:08:03 Okay, so life is ... sorta settling down. After I finished volume II, I probably won't get around to even starting Volume III until Xmas vacation. However, I'm going to restart work on Vol. II, and we'll see how fast this goes... 
  • *sigh* 2003-08-26 10:35:40 I just never get any time to myself anymore. The two weeks before school were SUCKED away literally by RA training. School is about to start, and I have to baby my girls for the first six weeks. But dammit, this video WILL get done! 
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