JOURNAL: downwithpants (Chris Lee)

  • erg 2005-08-17 07:00:56 'read the guides' banners are getting more annoying than 'give me ops' and 'premiere crashed. oh noez' banners. 
  • world of warcraft music video 2005-03-20 21:09:05 <a href="">link</a>

    i hope html works on journal entries 
  • omfg 2005-02-02 14:06:16 fucking xanga isn't working so i'll post it here.

    the lab computers in the library have been switching to the dvorak keyset just for me! why do i say this? first, it has happened on two different computers. that is, i'm typing in qwerty and then boom, it switches to dvorak for no apparent reason. second, it must be happening only to me because no one else in the lab acts as if their keyboards have switched keysets, which i should imagine would be quite startling to most naive qwertyists.

    it first happened just before last period, when i came in to finish a print out a homework assignment at the last minute. i had saved and emailed myself the assignment in a word doc. when it switched to qwerty, i assumed that the fact that i had created the word doc on my dorm computer, which is set to dvorak, somehow saved the dvorak keyset preference into the word doc, so when i opened it in the library, it reverted to dvorak. however, when i came in now, i was typing an email in qwerty, when it switched dvorak in the midst of writing. and i was like omg spoogers.

    so it's as if these computers know i'm a dvorak typer somehow, maybe through biometrics, maybe through telepathy, maybe through some supernatural agent, maybe through artificially intelligent analysis of my keystroke tendencies (which sometimes revert to dvorak even when i'm on qwerty, but seeing how i'm on a windows machine, ai can be ruled out.)

    anyways, you probably still dunno what this post was about if you're still reading this 
  • grapes 2004-08-12 22:44:16 i ate too many grapes.
    i'm gonna die from grape poisoning now x_x

    i'm taking the mcat exams saturday. right between the times when hurricanes bonnie and charley hit. how suiting. 
  • yay 2004-03-14 03:29:02 I didn't realize the clips you store in windows movie maker 2 collections were part of your windows xp account. So when I created a new account and deleted the old (trying to fix a bug, another painful story), I lost everything. This pushes my Escaflowne AMV and everything after back by about 2 months. .... right now i'm not feeling the love from my computer.... well at least i don't submit to cons so it's not like i'm under deadline. 
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