JOURNAL: Quu (Patrick Bohnet)

  • brain in hyper mode 2003-08-04 11:09:47 Almost done with awa pro.... almost

    Otakon's final tapes have ben audio balanced and are being mastered now... I overnight them to Matt tommorow... and keep backups with me.... 8 tapes total for Otakon (16 physical tapes)

    Screening 1-7

    Running 8 days out of a possible 12 days late... so i still have 4 days of slack time....

    I was offered a potential solution for the master archive... it looks good... but I have to wait until i can think before i answer... 
  • Momentum 2003-07-24 12:28:41 Wow... its hard to get momentum going... still so much to do... so little energy ^_^ 
  • Almost 2003-07-21 11:36:24 Pro deadlines this week... the ftp server will shut down when I am done with it... (a little bit of grace for those who submit via FTP)

    I garuntee not to close it until after the real deadline... but I won't close it until I am done witht he videos... so its possible (but not garunteed) to last until sunday to monday... who knows... its a gift to those who make my life easy by using the ftp server 
  • Stick 2003-07-18 11:39:44 I got the stick out of my ass... and I am not feeling mopy... actually I am feeling very energetic... and quite confrontational....

    I'll be back shortly... just need to finish up some work...

    Then I'll kick ass and forget the names... becasue I am

    no other eeason than I am. 
  • I am honored 2002-05-28 15:45:08

    CyberFred made a french website for my KOR videos... 
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