JOURNAL: Atarashii Hito (Jimmy Newman)

  • Kakumei^2 Up For Grabs~! 2003-01-26 16:41:21 My video Kakumei^2 is now officially up to download for your enjoyment!

    Please Download and enjoy, and maybe if you're nice enough, you'll do an opinion for me! ^^

    -Atarashii Hito 
  • Mmm exposure... 2003-01-26 13:08:56 I may have gotten a reliable hosting spot. At least for my newest video Kakumei^2, I'll post details when they become more stable.

    I'm almost done with my DDR3 Project Track which turned out nicely, I'm pretty much done, but I still have some fun frame jitter due to GAiNAX's lovely animation process to workout, and just some fun general stuff like that.

    Then there's exporting it...

    I've also started working on my (I think) first comedy video. Comedy in the sense that this series and this anime should never have even spurred an idea in my head that they can go together...

    It'll be fun

    Trust me

    Come on

    When have I ever lied to you?

    Oh yea...

    Well that was one time, come on.

    -Atarashii Hito

  • Finished AMV Dance 2003-01-13 19:28:35 I just completed my newest video: Kakumei^2.
    Oh boy was it fun (And I'm being serious!). Its a pretty upbeat video and I think I got the timing and everything pretty good. Although I ran into some issues exporting, here's the thread about the issue (which no one has responded to btw...):

    But I think I found away around it, getting rid of interlacing is a biznatch, I'll just say that.

    But other than that all is well, except for the fact I haven't been added to the DDR Project Yahoo! Group, which I need to be added to, I feel like I'm missing out on some vital information or something about the project, but what I've edited so far is pretty spiffy, I'm quite proud of myself *grin*.

    But yea, I'll try to find some hosting for my video Kakumei^2 because I think it is worthy of hosting. I guess people can try to download it from me through AIM, but that hardly ever works for me for some reason, but I guess people can try(Sorry VegettoEX!).
    -Atarashii Hito 
  • Presents and Excitement 2002-12-26 21:37:07 I just treated myself to a 120GB Hard Drive and Martian Successor Nadesico: The Complete Series and The Revolutionary Girl Utena The Movie DVD. I'm just glad to have the Hard Drive though most of all, because now I can carelessly rip DVDs to my HD and it wont matter. 160GB total now.




    That's a lot of space! I don't think I could eve-
    I take that back before I even type it.
    At least I can get His and her Circumstances DVD 2 ripped and can continue to work on my DDR Track. This vid is turning out so f'ed up, but so f'ing great.
    Well... off to go install the thing
    Tra la la~! 
  • Hoorah! 2002-12-24 01:39:26

    Track 35

    'nuff Said

    Overflowed with joy, but so much joy that I'm in a state of complete mellowness.

    Have You Never Been Mellow? I sure as hell have.

    Also bought DDR4th Mix OST, just recived 3rd Mix, 4th Mix, and 5th Mix at my local Uwajimaya, had to have, but only nuff for one... Great sadness...
    But not really, cause I at least got one! >o<
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