JOURNAL: 808-buma (Roy B)

  • what kind of geek are you? 2006-04-21 22:53:24

    bah, only 23.86588% geek - I want a recount! 
  • KK2006 - continued! 2006-04-16 16:40:35 Hey Judge,
    hope you don't mind - I really want folks to see your stuff so I dl'ed the vid again and am trying to re-encode it. It ain't going to be as pretty as your original, but at least folks will see it!

    Oh, and Horror, we had two wolfs rain vids - which was yours? Was that the guitar music one? I gotta go confirm again, but there was a wolfs rain one that won a best drama catagory... but I think I was out of the room for that one (had to go run somewhere and do something... techie :) )

  • Kawaii Kon 1st AMV contest is OVAH!!! 2006-04-16 16:01:08 hey JJ'ers
    just woke up after a loooong nite at the kon - we were rockin' til about 2 in the morning! Anyway, first chance I've gotten to post anything on this, so here are some quick notes I took about the contest as I was assisting with the tech stuff:

    Rina Rina:
    your FMA vid got a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE from all the fanboys / girls in our audience (about as much when Vig Mignogna [VA for Edward Elric] did his panel on voice acting)! There was much rejoicing in the crowd.

    Your Elfin Leid video got the technical director, SixStop, to want to add that anime to his ever-growing list of stuff to buy / watch

    we were so fricken bummed man, we couldn't air your Kino video for some reason. There was a big technical glitch with yours and we couldn't show it at the screening. However, Sixstop is currently working on the problem and with fingers crossed, in the second AMV showcase, they're going to see if they can get it up and running - I'm bringing the copy that I have to have that shown, even though it's a lower quality, I want to make sure everyone sees your kino vid!

    Oh, and BTW dude, you came in THIRD!!!

    if fan applause was the measure of who'd win, your I'm too Sexy vid would have won hands down. Now, If I was more of a fanboy (or watched any of the series you used for this AMV) I'd probably get the jokes as well, but the crowd roared all the way thru!

    and the big winnah for the 1st ever KK AMV contest is...

    Jubbers and her Air / Somewhere over the rainbow vid!!! We called ya Jubbers, where were you!!! We had a full house yelling and screaming for ya and your hubby probably went deaf because of the screams and cheers! The judges loved your vid, Jubbers, what can I say!

    Thanks guys for submitting vids! I gotta get going back to the kon as today is the last day and there's a lot of breakdown to do once it's over!

    I'll talk to you guys later! 
  • um, is AIM donw? 2006-04-11 18:53:41 or is it just me? 
  • 2006-04-10 06:17:28 oh, and happy anniversary Jadd! only a day late... 
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