JOURNAL: NightMistress85 (Erika Thompson)

  • Wow I gotta post more 2013-05-06 11:06:39 Totally uploaded my Iron Editor video. Sure, I took my sweet 'ol time, but I was deciding things and then I forgot and then a new amv got my attention. That one's done too. I haven't really thrown anything out on the con circuit outside of Iron Editor entries for a while, years even, but I'm one of those people who can only edit if I have a muse going and I am really inspired. Iron Editor just has a way of making me get my butt in gear for some reason. But now that my vids are on their way to contests I'm feeling those nerves again. I've been editing for years but for some reason that feeling doesn't go away.  
  • New video 2011-12-08 09:25:18 Got a new video up and I'm feeling pretty good! I'd love to make more than one per year but I just haven't been interested in a lot of anime lately as opposed to watching other tv shows and blogging (blame the Kindle). There aren't but so many hours in a day, but I am grateful that I have the opportunity to get my butt in gear and edit for Iron Editor. It really lights a fire under my ass and gets me inspired to do something and do it fast.

    Never would have thought I would win this competition once, let alone TWICE! But since it's happened twice, I wouldn't mind winning a third time to round it out quite nicely, hehe. We shall see what 2012 will bring.  
  • What the heck?! 2011-08-10 09:09:24 Where did all of my star counts go for my latest video?! 
  • Oh and I forgot to mention 2011-08-05 08:54:28 All of my OTHER amv files were on there too. Soooooo annoying!  
  • Funny Funny 2011-08-05 08:51:41 My last journal entry almost two years ago I discuss getting a new 2TB hard drive. Well, it just crapped out on me. I am in "mourning" of sorts. I'd just gotten motivated to work on a couple of my amvs again, but guess where all of the footage I ripped and the editing files were stored? You guessed it. UGH! I'd just placed my pictured from Japan on there as well from 2009. This is SO frustrating! I'll have to call the company and see if there's any way I can salvage it.  
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