JOURNAL: l33tmeatwad (Elite Meatwad)

  • VCA Finals 2012-02-22 09:50:50 Well that was exciting, I was very thrilled to make it to the finals on the first year I've participated in the VCAs. I won't lie and say I wasn't disappointed to find out I didn't win, but I couldn't have lost to better videos. Congratulations to all the winners! Y'all watch out though, I'll be editing full force this year to get back to the VCA finals again! 
  • My First VCAs 2012-02-13 12:46:34 Well, I never really paid attention to the VCAs before, so it's quite a new experience to me seeing what the community views as the best videos of the year. I'm pretty thrilled that my joint project with snapxynith has made it to the finals, was not expecting this when I came up with the concept last spring. Good luck to everyone in the finals! It's going to be a LONG week, haha... 
  • What a Year 2011-12-24 23:38:13 Wow, it's hard to believe the year is almost over, it was my first very active year in the AMV community and it has been a blast. It's interesting to look and see how I've developed and changed as an editor this year. Starting off with Rough Love, looking back I feel disappointed in my lack of effort that I put into that project and how much better that AMV could have been. Finishing up the year releasing Requiem of the Endless Eight and Clubbin' with Lupin, I feel they are two of my finest videos and I'm glad to see how much my editing has improved this year. I am looking forward to the new year and I am very excited to see how much more I can improve next year as well.  
  • Woah...slow down there... 2011-11-14 11:28:26 I’m not one to send one video to a ton of conventions, but after having Evangelion 0.22 – Shinji does (not) Mean Business rejected for content at Anime Mid-Atlantic, I decided to submit to a few extra, expecting the ones that said videos must be “family friendly” to reject the video. Very happy that people have enjoyed the video so far and I hope to come up with more videos that people enjoy just as much. My first two videos were only sent to spring conventions, so this was my first year to send to summer and fall conventions and I have to say that I’m happy that people enjoyed the videos. Hopefully one of these days I can attend more conventions that I submit videos to. 
  • AWA 2011 2011-10-06 01:21:22 Well, finally “recovering” from AWA after getting sick when arriving home. Was a great time and I had fun meeting all the editors there. Was great to get another chance to hear the crowd reaction to “Shinji does (not) Mean Business” and as it was at Otakon, some fans of Flight of the Conchords were singing along. Was a bit disappointed my Masters video had to get cut in the awards ceremony for time, but at the same time I got to see a lot of amazing videos. While the reception isn’t great for my newest video, glad to get some feedback so I can improve after breaking it all down. 
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