JOURNAL: Dvl-Jigen (Jason Proto)

  • 2013-11-03 01:50:35 I'm officially listed as a novice for Level Up 2014! I'm so happy right now, all I gotta do is wait to be paired up with a pro, then I can start working on a video, and with luck actually do well in the contest. For those that don't know, entering Level Up has been a bit of a dream of mine for some time now, and now that I'm actually entered in it, it feels as though my editing is finally going to go somewhere, I do feel that I've improved since Anime Expo, but until lately, I haven't really seen myself as anything more than an amateur editor..... (even though I've been editing since 2005) 
  • Still looking for a pro to enter Level Up with 2013-10-14 16:21:47 Still looking for a pro AMV editor for the 2014 Level Up AMV contest. I went out and got Sony Vegas, so if any pros here are well versed in either Vegas 12 or Premiere and want to enter Level Up, let me know. 
  • 2013-09-23 05:06:50 So, I hear that the AMV contest Level Up is coming around again (if it's not already started) and frankly, I want to enter it. Only problem is, I need a PRO. So I'm officially looking for one. (Preferably one well versed in Adobe Premiere) If you're interested in being said pro, please contact me!

    Thank you 
  • Update on 2013 Goals list 2013-09-07 03:16:38 Well, I can officially mark up yet another goal off of my list of editing goals for 2013, I'm now over half way done with said goals. Only FOUR more to go

    All that's left to do, is host an MEP, create an AMV that looks exactly like it does in my head, Get 50 or more subscribers on Youtube, and make more friends in the AMV community. And I'm workin my butt off on the last one. 
  • 2013-09-04 17:10:44 I think it's funny how it seems as though I only go onto the Org now to check for new AMV contests to enter, it used to be that I'd go on to download AMVs or check out the forums, or post stuff about my videos. I kind of miss those days, but at the same time, I don't at all. 
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