JOURNAL: JenCM18 (Jennifer )

  • 1st video recorded of me drawing 2010-02-24 02:52:40

    Some random quick sketches I recorded.

    Some of you probably don't even know I draw but yes I do. 2 years I did stop drawing so I never improved. But I did get back into drawing again in 2007 and now I have improved a lot and just thought I'd show some of my stuff off. Of course the quick sketches in the video aren't that great.
    Here is some of my artwork though that I have finished. I rarely put much on there though, I post more on another art site that I think is better than deviant art. So not all the work I have done is uploaded onto devianart. Feel free to check it out if you want.

    I also do drawing commissions to try and make some extra money. Since I still haven't found a full time job. It's been real frustrating. Especially when I just graduated not too long ago. But oh well I'm hoping eventually something will fall into my lap. So I can finally move out on my own. 
  • WOW 2010-02-07 01:17:28 I realized I haven't made a video in such a LONG TIME. I really do want to get back into editing again. But I just never have any ideas anymore. I really do want to use Clannad for a video, but really not sure what song to use. Something lovey dovey of course.

    I also still would like to learn after effects but I just haven't had the time to fiddle with it. ANd it sucks since I have windows vista the the sapphire effect plug ins I had for premiere don't want to work because it causes premiere to crash. So after effects would be nice to be able to use.

    Anyways to give an update. I graduated college January 10th. So I'm in the search of a full time graphic design. Once I get that it'll probably take up most of my time. Besides not making videos lately I've been drawing a lot. Doing commissions on an art site. I don't get much but it's helped a little to make some money. I'm not getting enough hours right now at my part-time job. So anything helps.

    Anyways I miss some of you guys! because I never hear from anyone anymore. 
  • HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! <3 2009-12-22 16:50:21 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  
  • Birthday coming up 2009-11-28 20:45:20 December 1st!!! woooo 23! I sure don't feel like it. 
  • Not a good day 10-26-09 2009-10-27 04:22:45 Please everyone be careful when they drive always leave space between you and someone elses car and pay attention. And always wear seat belts...

    Me and my sister were in an accident....We were going to go to Best didn't happen.

    It was all so fast....I was talking to my sister while driving, I slowed down...then not realizing cars were stopped on the highway, this was during 4:50 p.m. Duh rush hour traffic....I hurried and slammed on my breaks and hit the person in front of me. My air bags deployed in my sister wasn't wearing a seat belt =(

    After the air bags deflated my car was still moving so I slowed down and scrapped against the wall that separates the highway t stop..I look over to my sister...she was bleeding her head was bleeding bad. I frantically got out of the car so did she...I hurried to call 911. I was too frantic to even talk right to tell them where I was thank god people stopped to help I had to hand my phone to someone else to let them know where we were.....I was so scared.....I was crying so much..

    I'm fine, just sore now and have an indent on my leg from hitting something and a sore arm from getting a tetanus shot. We still don't know what my sister hit her head on...she's fine thank god =( her cat scans and tests all came back negative for any head trauma. I'm still so worried about her she had to stay overnight at the hospital....

    I feel so horrible....I just hope everything turns out ok...I can't sleep
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