JOURNAL: RichLather (Jeff Tatarek)

  • Haven't We Been Here Before? 2004-12-29 00:27:22 Good Lord, a year and a half since the last entry? Seems that way, doesn't it?

    I've found time to do this now because I'm currently out of work (but unemployment benefits coupled with my wife's college faculty salary are keeping things comfortable).

    Yeah, after nearly seven years of editing video for daily newscasts I burned out something fierce. Way I see it, I cared too much for the product and perceived the other people in the newsroom as not caring enough. I'm the sort of guy who will take folks to task for not getting every little fact straight. And when I think they don't care, I'll try to take on gatekeeper duties for everything that goes to air, not just the video I'm responsible for. As a result I made too many of my own mistakes in an effort to keep other ones from getting on air.

    So now I'm jobless but looking for new positions almost every day. In fact, if all goes well I might end up working for another local station as a photographer/editor. In the next day or so I'll send them a DVD of short things I've done just to show them what kind of creative chops I have, in an effort to sweeten the pot. I had a brief telephone interview today, which means I had some kind of pull from my resume alone; I made the first cut. Next they'll call folks in in order to have them shoot and edit, a practical exam if you will. Hence the DVD.

    I'll be at Ohayocon again this year as part of the Animation Hell and Midnight Madness festivities. Y'all come, okay? 
  • Been caught stealin' 2003-05-14 15:21:31 I've duly raided BigBigTruck's AMV ideas directory. I only hope to do justice to the ideas therein.

    Also got Blue Man Group's latest CD, Complex, and I've got two solid ideas that, to be honest, have catapulted past my last "must-do" projects. 
  • Well can you blame us/for livin' our dream 2003-04-28 09:51:20 A blast from the past. I've uploaded to the Carrot a remastered (and slightly re-edited) hi-res XviD copy of my very first AMV, from 1989.

    Video: Akira
    Audio: "The Kids Are Back" by Twisted Sister 
  • In which another idea comes forth 2003-04-25 14:00:23 2003 may just well be a breakout year for me, in the sense that ol' Godzilla has awakened and broken out from the dormant volcano in which he was sleeping.

    I'm been held captive by -another- great idea that had me playing the track over and over in the PT today.

    Only thing stopping me is that I only have 1/6th of the source footage I want...and a line of -other- projects I think are equally with merit.

    Oh well, for now it gets stored as a private journal entry so's I don't forget. 
  • Nothing comes easier than madness in the world today 2003-04-23 00:12:00 New video added to my database as well as uploaded to the Carrot.

    "The Defense" by Bad Religion, set to Blue Gender.

    And I'm hooked again... it happens just like it always does. A song has hooked me, and I've started listening to it in the PT to and from work. It'll get done next. The song/anime combo's been used once before according to the .org database, but since I cannot download it, I don't know how competently done it is.

    I will wager, however, that it only focuses on one character...not the three I plan to profile in the same song, a verse apiece.

    I'm also hoping to remaster my Akira video in a day or two and make that my entry to TommyRude's '80s AMV contest.

    Oh, and Mike Toole of Anime Jump gets to have a blurb on the back of the Cowboy Bebop movie DVD jacket. Bastard. :D 
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