JOURNAL: mckeed (David )

  • "Just tell me what you need to make this happen" - My Father 2001-10-10 21:11:33 Well......It looks like I will have the finishing touches on my video editing workstation. The RAID card is on the way along with the Matrox RT2500. Plus my dad told me to so some reseach on DVD burners. I am just in awe of my father. He just saw two of my videos and aked me if I could do some editing of the home videos that he had taken. At the time all i had was my 30GB so I told him what I needed to get in order to do it. He asked me how much it would cost I told him. I had no capture device or storage space. So i showed him the guide on making a capture workstation at Now I have the second 100GB drive on the way plus the RAID card and RT2500. I guess now I have no choice to go to ME as the RT2500 doesn't run on 98.....oh well.....the price I have to pay for the hardware I get. I will post a review on it as soon as I get everything installed :)  
  • Orgy of New Vids 2001-10-07 22:19:24 Well, once my DVD drive gets here since the last one is dead and the other 100 GB drive and the RAID card gets here my editing suite machine will be almost done. All i'll need is the RT2500 and i'm all good to go. Got to look over the kenshin vid to make sure I am happy with it and then that will be finalized. After that I will start working on my new AMV's. One will be with Dual to Usher's You remind me of a girl. The other ones will be Love Hina Vids. One to Jettingham's Cheating, Mandy More's Crush and Michele Branche's Everywhere. Someone allready put an entry in the D-base for Stroke 9's how many people want to kick some ass as a love hina video which i was so totally going to do. I just hope that guy does a good job or else i'll be pissed casue i had the same idea. Oh well. 
  • Done with "Rough Cut" 2001-09-13 22:18:30 Done with the rough cut of GNR video.....just got to fine tune a few parts and give it a few looks over and add a couple transparent effects to the video....too bad that I won't really be able to show it to anyone for like 4 months......grrrrrr....damn feburary cons. 
  • Video progress 2001-09-11 23:13:37 I am about 80% dones with my Guns N Roses video...Just need to finish the big instrumental scene at the end of the song and I am done. Still trying to figure out how I am going to do it......I just need some time to sit down and do it. Shouldn't take me more than 4 more hours to do......then i get to do the nice process of fine tunning everything although i have been doing that as i go along, seeing the video start to finish should help me fix whatever isn't having the right effect. 
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