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  • oddities oddities oddities 2002-05-14 02:04:01 SO...been in japan for close to 9 months now and honestly i think i might be getting sick of it, I honestly like to work, and heck i think everyone out there likes to make money. being a student again isn`t overall too bad i guess since in a way it`s nothing more then a long vacation. who knows i might come home after all instead of stayinghere like i originally planned to.

    other crap

    Learning Korean since my (ex?)girlfriend is/was Korean, since i told her i intended i figured going through with what i say for once would be a good thing, went out and got a Beginers guide to Korean at my local book store.
    honestly overall it isn`t as bad as i thought the structure is exactly the same as in Japanese so learning that part won`t be hard and unlike Japanese their Alphabet actually has a structure. Learning the hanguru will probably take time but once i get that down, it`s nothing but learning words. kinda glad i know japanese now, if i was strictly an english speaker i`d have a hell of time learning this on my own.

    Finished my DDR project vid, and waiting on Quu to let me know what to do with it ^^ since it was a short song it overall wasn`t too bad, and i honestly think i did a good job with it.

    Airsoft rules, my next airsoft game on the 18th at night, finally get to use that dang 8500yen night system i put on my FA-MAS, all that thing needs now is the M203 grenade launcher attachment and It`ll be perfect, a monstrously big totally pointless rifle that just looks good hehe, finally picked up a shoulder holster for my M93R too, it`ll make running around a bit more easier. still wondering how in the world i`ll get these back to the states but heck, I still got time. next big purchases for airsoft, folding stock, silencer, scopemount and scope for my M93R total comes close to about 12000yen....lotso money i don`t have...eeek...ah well

    I should honestly start working on my pro video, unfortunatly the footage i was going to use is at a friends apartment and he went to Hawaii for two weeks....maybe i can get some stuff done in the intern who knows.

    kinda/slightly bummed that i won`t be able to attend any conventions that i would like to goto this year, like AWA, Neko Con and ShoujoCon (really want to goto ShoujoCon actually) ah well...i really shouldn`t complain, with a plethera of manga at my fingertips (literally started a part time at a local used book shop) i think I have it pretty good. about babbling on guess i should stop here. not that anyone really reads my posts but heck.

  • AHAHAHAH I`M ON THE DDR PROJECT!!! 2002-04-16 08:16:14 Which makes me sooo happy...well pretty much Fuzzy from Genki Genki was kind enough to let me do a track ^^ so....hopefully people will like it when it gets done....燃えるーー!!! 
  • And so my life suxs again.... 2002-03-04 07:13:49 well not really but then again...yeah it does in many many ways....

    So I`m here in Okazaki, re-learning my language, 4 months later, i meet probably the most wonderful girl I`ve known to date, Korean, really really really nice to me.

    But... international love relations really are hard...

    long story short, i had the most wonderful 2 months in my life with her...and well yeah short...Wonderful... ^^

    but got into this relationship with a huge catch, she was only going to be at this school until really didn`t think about the "we`ll have to part at some point"...but well...didn`t think about it too deeply...

    until, welp, she got her dream job back in Korea...ah sucks and who am I to hold her back? She needs to live her life too right? right... ^^...and hell it was a soft breakup...

    Along the lines of this, my friend created a kick ass Techno song shortly after his girlfriend left back to germany otherwords, it happened to him useing this song which basically expresses how I feel at the moment, and using footage from my Hong Kong Ah My Goddess Movie...and creating a wierd AMV in my opinion... I loved Ah My Goddess.. but at the same time hated it for the pure reason that it would get me really funkily depressed at the end. Hell actually all love anime like that makes me Depressed at the end "Mamotte Shugogetten", Tenchi, Rouronin Kenshin OVA, and a slew of others....but it doesn`t make em bad or anyhthing...just depressing...ah anycase.. new AMV coming from Me soon

  • Gaining Fame 2002-01-16 10:27:29 In my semi opinion in all the wrong parts of the world

    got an e-mail from Egypt today, from some fan of anime, really horrid english but it was sincere, he liked my videos, wanted the rest of the stuff i made, so i sent him a CD of my stuff. (hope he likes em) in anycase, guess he showed it off to his friends, who also loved it (oh the video was Montage btw) So now I`m kinda known in Cairo.

    Frankfurt Germany.
    a friend here at the international school took a copy of my work, along with a bunch of other stuff i keep in my personal archive of stuff (hell you can guess the names) she took it to an Anime Festival (or their equivalent) about a week ago, she e-mailed me saying that it went over really well, and i did get a few e-mails (in german...had to get a friend to translate) saying how much they liked the videos and stuff ( although one mistakenly gave me credit for Phantom of the Opera to Metallic Rose which i quickly e-mailed back to let him know it wasn`t my vid) so...about 2000 people in germany now know of K.A.T. Translations, and hopefully spreading...

    Sweden... well i think i mentioned this before but, Stockholm holds a anime fest type thing every 3 months, and it seems that some people who went past July (when two of my older vids showed) asked to see them again, i thought that was nice, i need to send them my Evangelion and Key vid hehe. Again the favorite seems to be Montage over there --; hehe.

    my new turf of Japan...welp, some of the otaku here, bumped into a few, and showed me a couple of MAD`s they liked or made... quite honestly they sucked bad enough to make mine shine... they never had even thought of setting random music to images and creating a whole new story, they liked Nagoya area likes my stuff.

    China and Korea, got a few e-mails from there thanks to again friends from this school who took my videos along with them... too bad i can`t read anything they send me, don`t have Korean language support.... Chinese isn`t too bad, just need to grab someone here who speaks relatively good Japanese or english to translate to me ^^ so...doign well in asian countries... even got a few e-mails from Thai and Indonesia of all places. pretty kewl.


    1 e-mail maybe once in a blue moon.... hell guess i have an advantage, i hit up on AMV dry areas hehe competing in a saturated market like america is kind of hard... guess i should work harder eh?


    felt like bragging a bit

    and while i type this... e-mail with subject heading "Greetings from Poland"... ^^ and it`s in english... now how the hell did i manage that???

  • 日本語で打つことにしました 2001-12-11 05:07:05 さて、なぜ日本語でと聞かれたらちょっとわからないが、まああいち用自分は日本で勉強してるもんですから少し違うことで済まそう。




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