JOURNAL: Gepetto (Paulo Bittencourt)

  • [^_^]²²² 2005-09-18 18:52:00 I slept ALL DAY... I'm going to have a sleep overdose. o.o

    I had decided that today would be the day I started my new AMV but I ended up just copying the sources to my minuscular HD that is now the proud owner of 1gb free space, then I slept. Not even the scripts are ready.... nhaaaaa I'm going to take a shower then sleep while I finish downloading the Animetal full discography on Bittorrent. Animetal is almost a good band ^.^

    nha, oyasuminassai! 
  • what a difference 2005-09-10 11:45:53 How is it that Onegai Teacher has 12 episodes and the manga is only two numbers long? That's a huge cut... Anyways they're both good. Time to see who can lend me the OAV *grabs phone book* Biuri it is, then...

    btw, isn't it just amazing how people can stab you in the back when you least expect it? Makes me want to live away from everyone...

  • wtf 2005-09-05 13:28:21 the backslashes on my last post didn't come out...

    please lets all hit people over the head who make stupid banners with random words.

    and someone explain to me the colors in the journal posts???

    d[^_^]b[ E Nomine - Hexenjagd]

    time to go work on a pretty title for my next project. Bye. 
  • Ringtones o/ 2005-09-05 07:53:55 o/ o o/ /o/ o/

    found a great site full of free cellphone ringtones!!!

    back to looking for my Neruto episodes... 
  • porra... 2005-09-04 18:08:14 PORRA!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomar no c desse jogo filho da puta!!!!!!!!!!!

    amv uploaded, name "Endless Sacrifice"

    bought new Premiere Pro ^.^

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