JOURNAL: Darkseid (Darius Washington)

  • 2002-07-31 00:19:42 well, i got all my sources together for my next vid. seems like it should come together okay. even thought of using clips i hadn't previously considered. should come out okay, though i have sseveral activities to deal with in the meantime. namely, moving, dragon con work, the visit with yasuhiro imagawa, school, and work. and then there's preparations for AWA. gonna be an interesting couple of months. lol  
  • 2002-07-30 04:03:12 well, i've sent my first ever amv off to nan desu kon. let the ridicule begin. ^_^ if it makes their cut, i'll let you know which one's mine.

    meanwhile, i'm going to start working on one for awa's expo contest starting next week (that's when i'll have access to the equipment.) it's an action piece i've had in my head for about 7 years. might as well get it out while i can.

    meanwhile, gonna send a prayer or two to a nice lady and her friend who had a pretty rough experience during what should've been a totally festive weekend. if the lady in question reads this somehow, hope your friend gets well soon. 
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