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  • FORGOT 2004-05-25 18:16:29 also, if anyone is wondering about this, u can IM me. my sn issuportanarchy for AIM. 
  • UPCOMING PROJECT! NEED HELP! 2004-05-25 18:15:20 god, i had a great idea for a video, but it cant go on the site. one, cuz its gonna be all live action (news clips and other stuff), and two, its to damn violent and perverse!

    you know what i need? a partner... someone with roughly the same views as me (at least on things like the war in iraq). someone to help me look for footage, and help me pick a damn song!!!

    aw fuck, class is over. ending this quick. 
  • 2004-05-21 18:45:50 joe got in trouble for bringing alchohol to school early in the morning so... whole day's been kinda weak. 3 weeks left of school... im so fucked.

    FUCK! this kid next to me keeps bothering me about the drugs he uses! do i look like i care? do i look impressed? hes one of those freshman metal heads so (rolls eyes).

    god, how pathetic is this: i bin tryin to get with this one girl for a month. u no wat she told me when she said y she wont go? "bottom line: it all comes down to grades". who ever heard of not being able to get a date cuz ur grades are low? god i feel like such a looser. and OMG shes so hot!

    well, we're moving for the 8th time in 6 years. *sigh*. fuckin great. we never even got settled in our house in view park! i swear, the house we're in right now FEELS like a home. plus, i dont think i can do with another move.

    i need something to take pride in. i bin tryin to work on my screenplay but...

    God, my whole life is a bunch of half written sentences. 
  • 2004-05-19 22:01:50 just checked out my vids avereges. don giovani got around a 2.5 and red hot moon has about a 2.8. kinda feelin a bit... dissapointed. i was really proud of them, red hot moon espesually. i tellmyself maybe i just didnt use enough special effects for pop cultures tast, but i guess i gatta bite the bullet. 
  • brown vs. board day?!?! 2004-05-17 19:26:23 somethin happened today. cuz of some schedule problems, we had this assembly mainly about malcom x. there were 2 speakers. one was this chicano brother, looked kinda young. iono, any were between 20-40. lol. the other was this old brother who looked like... aw, fuck!!! i cant believe i forgot the guys name! that really famous black historian who lived during the cival rights era (im so ashamed). anyways, they put this presentation together to promote this program they have. some kinda youth club or something. you know, leadership and all that. they showed 3 videos of malcom x. all were pretty damn old, but they were good cuz instead of analyzing "what he really ment" it just let malcom talk. i went through a whole mix of feelings while watching those, but thats not the stuff that im writting about.

    ok, the way it worked was like this: the chicano guy spoke atthe intro and discusion at the end. the old guy spoke to explain the movie. during the discusion tho, there were some people who made good points, and there were people who just wanted to jack the mexican guy up! and no, they werent the white kids.

    one of the questions asked was if we felt if there was still a type of segregation practiced today. at this point the whole group spoke up in agreement: yes. nobody denied it. the biggest place everybody had on there mind was lunch time. all the whites (and a few asians) hung out in the science quad and the blacks, mexicans, or anybody else hung in the cafateria and the greek (theatre, i mean. we have this place that looks like half a roman stadium). then this white kid spoke up. hes this student leader type. i could tell he was into alot of brit rock kinda stuff (he also has a hot girlfriend). he agreed that the kids seperated themselves. but he made the point that people can seperate themselves if they want to, but the bigger problem is when SOCIETY FORCES seperation. and unlike most white kids, he didnt put the blame on blacks, calling on some kind of reverse racism (rolls eyes). he said this: 30% of the school is latino. 12% of the school is black. like, 20 something % of the school is white. why is it that practically 80% of AP classes are white? now this is the point when they REALLY put the blame on us, were most white kids say its cuz colored kids just are lazy (most colored people pick of key words and key phrases to know where youre going in an arguement). no, he said its because rich people in general have alot of advantages in education, and blacks have been cheated that advantage through about 5/6ths of this countries history, that its not only a race thing, but its a class thing!

    i wanted to give that guy a big pat on the back.

    but then this stupid ass gehto bitch said "no, no" and was shackin her head just to disagree with the white boy (rolls eyes double hard). when she was called upon to comment she shyed away at first, and i was thinking "well FUCK! if you dont have anything to say dont SAY anything!" when she was pressured to explain herself, she attacked the chicano PERSONALY and told him that HE (not society, not black people, not even the white kid over there) shouldnt be trying to instagate the problem by blaming it on one person. her head was so far up her ass, she thought we were still talking about he cafateria! she said that there were just as many black kids in the AP classes as whites. the chicano, trying to be as humble as possible, told her (and the group) NUMBERS DONT LIE! we are disproportioned on the economical scale, even about 40 years after the civil rights movement. EQUAL OPERTUNITY? FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING GEHTO UNCLE TOM BITCH! thats basically what she was. she thought that cuz she could speak ebonics real well no one would think of her as an uncle tom.

    well, actually, the guy was alot more subtle then me. lol.

    anyways, the reason why im so worked up about it is this: black people feel embarrassed to be black. its a problem that hasnt changed since the time of slavery. people think its a new thing basically because the things there ashamed of they think are relatively new. but this goes back a long way. this girl was thinking to her self at the young latino speaker, "i know you. your one of those niggas that gatta embarrass us by sayin its alright that we steal and stuff. your just sticking up for gangsters and criminals! well, i gatta show all my white friends that im SO not like all THOSE kinds of color'ds." its true, alot of people use racism as a cope out (whites do it too). but when a people have been projected by society as criminals, or happy song singin, watermelon eatin niggas living in ignorant bliss (usually its either-or. the good niggers versus the bad ones (rols eyes again)) people dont realize that its just a dupe. all there effort is put into seperating themselves with their own families, there own friends, there own people, instead of putting it into reforming the system to help yourself AND your family and friends.

    then this mexican kid spoke. this kid has PROBLEMS!!! and i dont mean hes a dick or anything, but hes in a wheel chair, right? and while he's talking, i could tell he was loosing breath of what he had to say. he didnt look like he had good nerve control of his body, because of the way he held his arms and they way he spoke (he spoke in a slow kinda slur). but he was so elequent! he wasnt just wasting breath (the breath that he was loosing). you could still here the chicano speak, even with his ... problems (ha, i no, im not being articulate). god damn, that guy really impressed me. cuz he was LEAGUES ahead of any of the kids as the assembly.

    he said this: just as people disagreed on malcom x's way of doing things, people of ALL color have never really been united in thought, just because they share the same skin color. but its a fact: when we condemed the racism in peru, asia, and south america, just to name a few, it was extremely hypoctitical because we were commiting the same crimes against humanity. and we have to remember that they were crimes against HUMANITY, not blacks, not latinos. its almost an insult, the phrase "civil rights" because that means that its only here. its all around the world."

    aw, FUCK! he said alot more, but i gatta rap this up. any ways, i know, how pratictable. ending on a note of unity, rainbows, shit like that. well, i hope i showed you how it went, even with my *slightly* biased opinion interjected. moms waiting in the car. sorry, g2g. maybe ill finish it when i get home. 
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