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  • And that's a wrap! 2013-01-06 21:08:13 Naruto Ball Z Shippuden came home from Anime LA 2013 with a First Place in Best Produced Action and now the video is retired from competition as am I for good now.

    Thanks to everyone who made my final year as an amv editor one of the most memorable ones yet. If I had to pick my favorite moment, it was finally winning the Best of Show award at Anime Expo 2012 after trying over a decade.

    And no, I'm not apologizing for any trolling. All the haters had to do was make a better video, it's that simple. :)

    Like I said before, I'll still be hanging around the forums and will chime in some useful advice from time to time. I'll still be going to cons, but no longer as an amv editor, but just part of the crowd. You'll still see me in the front of the line for the amv contest.

    Hopefully later this year, I'll write out a long and detailed description of the making of Naruto Ball Z Shippuden. Believe me, there's quite a lot to say about it.

    In the 13+ years I spent amv editing, I hope that I made some kind of impact and entertained others with the wacky ideas that brewed in my head, Now it's time for the next generation to take charge and I hope that I did my part in influencing them.

    You can always check out my latest adventures in my webshow: Battle Geek Plus

    Take care everyone, and best of luck to all of you in 2013! 
  • Retort 2012-10-11 14:39:15 Got this nice QC today on Naruto Ball Z Shippuden.

    "Wow...really? I was expecting much better...the masking and color correction was pretty shotty at best...characters were often on screen at angles not consistent with the least if you do a crossover video make the characters look like they belong should have picked something a bit less amateur looking to "retire" with..."

    A little better thought out than the standard flame, so I guess it deserves an appropriate response.

    Wow...really? I was expecting much better..

    Sorry I didn't meet your expectations.

    the masking and color correction was pretty shotty at best

    I can probably go into how long I spent on the masking and color correction, but just remember that these shows are literally a decade apart and *will* have extremely different color schemes, film vs. digital issues, and various other age and art related differences. I did the best I could with the material.

    characters were often on screen at angles not consistent with the background...


    I can also go into the insane amount of time I spent looking into all the backgrounds to make sure they fit completely based on depth of perception with 2D space only.

    Background selection was literally half the time spent on the video.

    at least if you do a crossover video make the characters look like they belong together...

    I've done 5. I know what I'm doing.

    you should have picked something a bit less amateur looking to "retire" with...

    Your opinion, but I think I did more than an adequate job.

    Never attack the dude who's made Goku and Naruto fight together. Twice. 
  • HAHAHAHAHA 2012-09-02 23:50:17

    If you're gonna steal my video, at least flip it the correct way. The subtitles will be easier to read. :P 
  • @kisanzi 2012-05-08 23:40:32 Since I retired, you have to make videos again.


    Hi everyone. 
  • Naruto Ball Z Shippuden - Heroes Come Back is finally up and my big announcement 2012-04-09 00:56:50 This is my final video and now I am officially retired from AMV making to work on my webshow full time and many other related projects. If you want to read the more in depth reason for my retirement, read here:

    While I have a ton of things to say about the entire concept and creation process of this video, I'll just let it speak for itself as I believe this is my best work and this is the video that I want to end on.

    It's been a fantastic 13 years of AMV making and now it's time for me to move on and leave things to the next generation. Thanks for all the memories!

    You can catch my new adventures at my webshow:
    Battle Geek Plus -

    And my personal blog:

    - Ryan "Castor Troy" Molina
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