JOURNAL: SushiBoyJared

  • Sleep Is Your Friend, My Friend, My Friend 2002-10-16 10:03:19 Started the Preliminaries on my new video last night... listening to the music, deciding how I'm going to cut it. It will be good, I think. I'm really looking forward to setting it up. I almost wish that I could add some stuff to the song... but I fear I couldn't without sort've ruining it. It will definitely have to be cut down... I can already see people complaining about the length, and I haven't even started yet!! Thats not a good sign. What do you think, people... Sushi Boy Jared tackles Drama for the first time, ever.  
  • Oh Yeahhhh... doomidoomdoomdoomidooom 2002-10-15 15:07:18 I made some opinions public on the truth about totoro.

    Thought it might be fun. Er... they're both good ones. I guess thats terribly one sided... hehe. oh well.

    cupcakes all around! yay! Jynnantonnyx! Ouisgian Zodas! 
  • Grrrr 2002-10-15 11:20:12 Why do people have to be mean assholethings?

    Video Editing. I should do that sometime soon, haha. Yes. I should. Thats a good idea. Lets go do that now.

    I didn't go to AUSA, so I'm looking forward to seeing posts about it.  
  • Rory Templeton!! 2002-10-14 13:14:05 Oh sweet holy mother of stuff!

    no funk to post. sorry. 
  • hehe 2002-10-10 13:13:25 Hsien: Asshat... hehe... how many videos does this person have up on That's usually the make or break for a bad review... 
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