JOURNAL: Machine (Carlos Corral)

  • Always go for the 1-hour photo option 2002-09-07 17:56:12 Morons at the pharmacy lost my camera. All my picks of the dorm and AnimeFEST are gone =(.

    I'm going to kill something!

  • AnimeFEST Aftermath 2002-09-02 06:02:07 Wow, I must say that MJ, Hypo boys, Daniel, Jason, Dave, and I all had a blast over at AnimeFEST this year.

    There was alot of stuff that could have been caught on camera. I'm sure most of you heard that we might have done a mini-doc for animefest. But we decided against it last minute and decided to save all of our juicest of ideas for the AWA doc instead.

    We love to cock tease the audience =).

    The funniest thing I saw at AnimeFEST had to be MJ's face when he won Best Drama and Judge's Choice Award for his Service and Happy Fun Time videos. Kodak mementos.

    Plus we met Kurt who won 2nd and 1st place in the comedy category. He doesnt knwo much about the org but damn we were all deeply impressed with his originaity and talent that was in his winnign videos.

    Defiently someone who can give most comedy artists today a run for their money. Hopefully RVP can host the video.

    We also met up with alot of the old Akon Cast. Including the Whip girls and Missy and Nicole. There was alot of camera gold here but it will be saved.

    J-pop concert was...oh god...I think I had a hard on for the whole damn thing because Kitaki Mayu (singer for the concert) just...its almost a sin for 1 person to have so much beauty O_O.

    Well its about 5am. Hypo Boys and I just got back form out nice 3hour road trip. I shall talk more about AnimeFEST tomorrow.

    Oh yea and AnimeFEST had a great AMV contest. Despite it being rather small for only 27 people was still handled very well and hopefully mroe people will submit next year ^_^. 
  • We found salvation at a child molestor's home 2002-08-31 05:08:09 Well, we finally made it to MJ's house and picked up our badges at AnimeFEST. Since we are part of the AMV Panel, we got special ones so we get to skip around lines and hang around the areas aren't allowed in =P.

    Well, its 4am and we ate pizza, drank, and watched anime all night.
    We are all just a couple of happy geeks.

    The Big Head is coming to AWA!

  • AnimeFEST 2002-08-30 15:22:34 Any minute know the Milo Brothers should be coming in to pick me up...

    *Bling Bling*

    Here I come! 
  • Moving to Austin 2002-08-21 15:26:39 Well, I leave tomorrow.

    Austin here I come. I hope to meet up with most of the AMV Austin crew there.

    See you all there! 
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