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  • 2006-12-11 01:04:49 I know I'm not the only one out there getting these =

    For all of you who've been leaving opinions of straight 1s because you can't play the video, this is extremely unfair to us creators. All-1 opinions bring down the creator's video average, and it's just because you felt the need to tell us "i cant see ur vid so wutz up wit dat lolz". I mean, why even bother leaving an opinion for a video you've never seen?

    And it's not even an honest opinion, because you're just saying you can't play the video, which you can easily do through a quick comment or a PM.

    Go Google yourself VLC Media Player, or a batch of codecs or something. We shouldn't have to have our averages brought down because you are unable to watch a video. 
  • Of Time Zones and Stereotypes 2006-11-27 18:51:37 Conclusions Discovered While Chatting via MSN

    It started out as any other seemingly normal MSN Messenger conversation. I logged on, and discovered that yet another unknown individual has added me to their contact list. Almost immediately after I allow this new contact to message me, she sends me an enthusiastic greeting with multiple exclamation points and a noticeable lack of grammar. She introduced herself a moment later as “Ruby”, and told me she is 13 years old.

    The conversation didn’t progress too well from there. When I asked her how she obtained my email address, she replied, and I quote, “i found it on ur vidz homepage lolz ur so kool”. That was understandable; a lot of my MSN contacts added my address from my member page, so I let it slide. We conversed over silly and random topics; favourite music genre, choice video games, and so on.

    After about an hour into the conversation with Ruby, she messages me asking why I was still awake. Confused, I asked her how she came to this conclusion. She replied, saying “um, because i thought u said u were a canadian and i thought u might be living there”.

    Because, you know, we Canadians don’t live in Canada.

    It wasn’t late at all, just shortly after 8:00 PM. Jokingly, I told her, “Canada has more than one time zone, crazy.”

    Her response: “oh really?”

    This is when I was about ready to start banging my head against the keyboard. I know that Canada isn’t exactly the country that everyone in the world is knowledgeable about. But to be so deprived from information that you believe Canada has one time zone for the entire country? That’s a little too much, isn’t it?

    Exactly how did the Canadian stereotype deteriorate from igloos and beavers, to ideas that we’re so far north that only one time zone is necessary?

    This got me thinking. The Canadian stereotype isn’t as bad as it could be. We have a reputation of being the most polite country in the world. We live in frozen igloos, drink beer, watch hockey, and chop trees. At least our stereotype isn’t that of a ruthless dictatorship that murders women and children just because they can’t spell the word “toque”.

    But the fact is, Canada is a large, powerful country. We shouldn’t be reduced to the belief that our nation only needs one time zone to allow the National Moose Hunt to include the entire population at the exact same time. Canada deserves recognition as an intelligent, dynamic country instead of shoveling our driveways with beaver pelts.

    But then, it isn’t like other countries have better stereotypes. Americans are gun-toting power-hungry hillbillies who sit on their front porch with a sawed-off shotgun bellowing “Git off mah property!” The French are smooth-talking romantics drinking lattes in their sidewalk cafes with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. The British relax with tea and crumpets in pubs after a long round of cricket.

    Are Canadians really just too much of a pushover to put down the donuts and do something that defies the way the rest of the world sees us? Of course not, but what is there to do? The Americans surely didn’t help with their stereotypes when George Bush became President, so a new governing body might not be the best way. Outlawing beavers wouldn’t work, because they would have too much difficulty reading their eviction notices. Should we shut down all Tim Horton’s chains? Goodness no, I need my daily donuts.

    In short, there really is only one way to prove to the rest of the world that Canada isn’t entirely made up of beer-drinking, toque-wearing, moose-hunting lumberjacks. One way that will surely show that Canada is a great, powerful country to be renowned and respected.

    We invade Botswana.

    It’s so simple! There isn’t a country in the world that would expect Canada to invade another nation. And Lord knows Botswana’s been asking for it for years.

    All it would take would a few years for our military to beef up a little bit, and ask our darling older brother the United States to borrow a weapon or two for “research”. Tim Horton’s could start a fundraiser to finance soldier transportation, and from there it’s a simple manner of keeping the whole thing secret.

    And that shouldn’t be too difficult, because the Canadian population has managed to keep this “one time zone” thing a secret from me for 19 years.

  • "Bad Downloads" 2006-11-06 21:53:46 Quick comments for AdVendetta:

    # 2006-11-06 15:49:26I saw it on Youtube, but still have not been able to download it. ;-;
    # 2006-10-27 21:08:48Bad download

    . . .

    Look, people. AdVendetta is encoded with XviD, as well as the majority of videos on this website. If you can watch any of those, there shouldn't be a problem with this video. If you can't watch anything at all, get yourself the XviD codec. It'll work then.

    If the problem isn't the video codec and somethings wrong with the download itself, well, it's not like there's anything I can do to fix that. That's either a problem with the AMVorg server, or with your internet connection. I uploaded my video fine, a lot of other people have been able to download it, so there shouldn't be a problem.

    PS: YouTube sucks. The quality went from "Meh" to "Ew", and the timing is thrown off. Never watch my crap on YouTube. Bleh. 
  • eBay, I have lost that last shred of faith I had in you. 2006-09-26 00:01:13 You always take a chance with bootleg DVDs. I know that, it's been drilled into my brain after the past few sets I've ordered. Some are alright, some have a glitch here and there, and some are so horrible but the box was pretty so you buy it anyways.

    My third copy of Advent Children came today, as the other two I have didn't come with Last Order. I was planning on making a music video with LO, using Three Days Grace's <i>Time of Dying</i>. Half the project itself is already completed, but I ran into problems.

    For starters, there's this:
    stupid line that I get when I use downloaded video footage with my program. So downloaded Last Order is not an option.

    And the DVD I ordered, sadly, DVD Decrypter only rips 84% of the file I need, and then I get an error message. All 4 Super Rippers in the house will not rip past 84%, so there's a problem with the disc.


    So yeah, don't buy a bootleg DVD specifically for making a video. If the DVD doesn't work, you're out of options.

    (AC: Complete better come with Last Order.)

    Oh well, at least I wasted only $20 on this and not $80 on that Cloud+Fenrir figure in the hobby store. However tempting he is . . .

    So there will be no Last Order video from me. Shucks.

    Ah well, we'll try that Dirge of Cerberus video instead.  
  • Quick Comments =P 2006-08-05 22:17:36 To everyone who has commented on HitMix Project; Hellsing Track :

    READ the bloody description. This is only one track for Reversed Studios' HitMix Project, which coincidentally, is in the title of the video description. That's why the video isn't a full length music video, it's only one track.

    To the few quick commenters on Red Sun Rising:

    Sure, it's similar to Lost Soul. Fullmetal Alchemist + Nightwish. Both creators belong to Reversed Studios, and are in fact siblings. The videos themselves are entirely different. Lost Soul = Aru video. Red Sun = General FMA Angst.

    To everyone else:

    THANKS so much, because now I've hit a total 100 opinions! w00t!

    *back to work on HitMix* 
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