JOURNAL: Dorry (Dorry )

  • @Code : Banners 2010-06-24 06:47:04 In the past week or so, there were 3 or 4 animated banners up for voting. My problem with them was - they're animated, off-topic, unexceptional and generally unworthy. Either it's impossible to make a good animated banner, which I doubt is true, or the banner makers who could make a good animated banner just don't like making them.

    I must disagree with you on one point though. I think most of the banners that are up for voting right now are worthy. They're mostly well-designed and original. What's more, most actually have some kind of an idea.

    I expect the quality to go down very soon, because most banner makers are already waiting for the new logo, which is due in September. 
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