JOURNAL: Kitsuner (J.D. Nelson)

  • Say WHAAAAAAAAAT? 2012-10-22 08:11:05 I'm actually on the New Vid on the Block for once. Aww yeah! 
  • HagarenViper 2010-09-03 17:20:25 It was never a major plot point or anything, but Jessie, James, and Meowth are considered advance scouts to set up for Team Rocket's infiltration of Sinnoh, so it's perfectly reasonable for them to do the same thing in Isshu. 
  • New CDVV collab added to my PNE thread! 2010-08-04 14:47:44

    I love Kanon so much. 
  • @Nya-Chan Production 2010-07-13 15:47:37 Delinquent knife fights put the slice in Slice Of Life! 
  • My vote for Best First 2011 2010-06-12 23:00:30 I don't usually do this, but more people ought to watch Sugar Voodoo. It's a very fun video. 
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