JOURNAL: TritioAFB (Lenin Meza)

  • Good and Bad News 2015-08-02 13:25:51 So I'm leaving my city and moving to a town. As first I thought it was a good bye for me from editing, but at the end I'll be able to edit. But from now on all my next videos will have something different. Besides, After Effects CS6 is currently my new program.

    And expect the premiere of a new video this next month. If you remember 'Bad Dog' you'll be familiarized with it, that's it 
  • A decisive date 2015-07-11 10:00:54 Continue or Game over?

    Hard to tell. It's not up to me this time, it's up to what the Medical Association decides to do the next friday. Again I'm gone for over two weeks. But the next video is currently in process and Bad Dog The Remix is coming in august. It's gonna be an interesting time, besides that I'm returning back to Level Up to train all the editors from my country since they're ready to appear in the international scene. Several things to do in less time. 
  • Invitation to the ORG studios 2015-06-10 17:52:09 I'm currently running an interview round with some AMV Studios. I'm almost done with AMV-France so I'm thinking in the org to finish with the AMVNews studios and ZonaAMV studios.

    If you receive a message from me with the topic: Interview, you already know what that means

    In ZonaAMV the spanish versions of the interviews will be posted. PixelBlended Studio started the trend of the AMV Studios so they are getting the interview soon. In case other studios are interested please contact me ASAP 
  • Things went better than expected 2015-06-05 18:05:28 So as I have returned with all my free time back, I'll have to return to job next month. I expected to be out ore time but whatever, I guess this month is what I need.

    2 videos in a row, and the third one is starting 
  • A new Tritio is coming the next month 2015-05-19 23:11:05 2010-2014. It was a good time

    2015 is the beginning of something new, something fresh. I want to restart everything. In this moment I acknowledge everything.
    Nice to meet you people, I'm new to this community so I want to bring several ideas from the community called ZonaAMV 
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