JOURNAL: TritioAFB (Lenin Meza)

  • Several things I have to say 2014-05-31 14:22:56 Been a while since I last wrote so I guess I wont be writting so much after this one:

    -I'm finally ready to upgrade titles in medicine, so that means that I can start the speciality of gineocology. Since I'll be 26 years old next year and the laws that prevents me to continue are now useless, it's time to take the choice.

    -Once the JE video and a certain video are featured no more videos from me this year and part of the 2015.

    -I'll have to quit for now, dunno if it's going to be definitive but once I'm done I shoud be able to save some time to look how's this place and the rest of communities during the time I'm out.

    -I'll be visiting the site but not really feeling like getting involved with the people for now... unless it's something interesting.

    -AC2014 will have several changes since I'm not the onky one leaving this year. This includes a new editor that will start making her appearance in the russian community. Hoping she can do fine without the veterans

  • I like the new design. I made this song btw 2014-04-21 01:00:48 Playing with Sony Vegas and Audacity, since AMV Hell is coming I thought it was a good idea to prepare something like this:

    Note that my actual voice doesnt sound like that. In order to make the song work, I had to modify my actual voice. I sound like a teenager there hahahahaha, since it's the same way of speaking, with the difference of the Voice Tone.

    Yeah I need to take some classes :c 
  • So I made a facebook page 2014-03-15 12:49:56 since I cant have too much people in the profile, I guess it should help

    So in other news, 3 videos coming next week :P 
  • I want to share this joke 2014-03-07 20:56:25 Today I was so excited writting medical recipes since one week left before going into the longest vacations for the year and suddenly when the patient came back to ask me the name of the medicine I gave him, I took the recipe back, tried to read it and I was like: what did I write here?

    so it's true that regardless of how good your writting was, once you start into the medical area, it will start to get distorted until a point only you can read what you wrote

    Btw, I'll start producing the videos about skin diseases soon, so stay tuned 
  • Less time in AMVs, Welcome Medical Production 2014-03-02 12:05:40 In the MD, I met one of our doctors who is also member of the American Society of Dermatology and from the Sociedade Brasileira de Dermatologia, so I've been asked to make a kind of video-serie related to skin diseases.

    Expetcing to start this week. In other news I have a new video coming, but after this one I dunno if I would be able to make more during the year.

    After all may is my final month here and once we enter in June I will be checking from time to time the site but I'll not edit for a long time... until the time of AKROSS Con comes.  
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