JOURNAL: TritioAFB (Lenin Meza)

  • The end of the Exile / Tritio is back 2016-08-09 08:41:47 So, here's what'll happen:

    -The Premiere of 'StraTerrexter' the video with a lot of referencees to AMVs
    -There is the episode 3 and final video of the trilogy of videos from tritium to deuterius. Now it will be a reality in the next months. Originally Umika was betatesting the first seconds but due her death I decided to turn it into her tribute. Didnt make any to her in the past so this one shalle be the one.

    All right folks, I want to know what has happened here in the last months see ya! 
  • A new future for the org 2016-05-08 14:03:01 I like and approve the recent changes that are happening in the org. Having kireblue as admin, it's like he asks me for a review, interview for studios, people or communities and it will be done. The kind that encourages the rest of members to do something more than just editing and chatting :)

    As for the rest of people in the staff, since we know for a long time, you're doing fine peeps 
  • The exile 2016-03-22 13:10:35 I never imagined getting exiled from my own city would be the cause I'm having an explosion of new ideas. Instead of being something bad, things turned the opposite.

    During this exile that will last until august, I will start doing several proyects. There's the episode 3 of Tritium 1.0 that will premiere this year, supervised by Umika herself but due her death she will not see the final result so that will be my own tribute to her.

    Several events have been passing in the org. Since I no longer have this feeling of 'requesting permission to post' I will start posting some interviews I did to several editors and studios/associations from within 2014 and the present.

    Not having internet is just a problem that prevents me from entering ICs and contests. This is going to be the first year I wont be submitting to JE due this problem, even though there's a new clip upcoming called Animals and currently in betatesting but...

    Just giving up in several things was at the end something positive. Because now I feel stronger and ready to take and start new things and discovering the beneifts of knowing all about your software and series, instead of focusing in the effects area only but also in the scene selection and construction (since some crossovers are coming)

    Waiting for august. I'm ready to stay for a while to the org 
  • First entry in 2016 2016-01-31 00:00:57 almost february and forgot to post anything here.

    if I were looking for editors to improve, where do I look for? 
  • More and more dead 2015-12-19 20:06:18 that's how I feel about the org. Less activity or the editors have gone somwhere else but impossible to talk to them. Really what's going on with the org?

    Everytime I want to talk to someone, no response from here. Any question I made and no response too. Seriously what's happening? 
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