JOURNAL: TritioAFB (Lenin Meza)

  • Good to know there's people to trust 2015-03-28 11:59:49 so I have changed my mind, and keep the videos on the org, but hasnt changed my decision from uploading here.

    9 videos finished and from them only 1 uploaded to youtube, the rest are private and they are taking participation in contests.

    Why am I currently so inactive? it's thanks to medicine. But I'm happy to see a lot of improvement since last year, and an unavoidable decadence in amvs. But I'll be back in june and focused on finishing all he remaining proyects before starting my only main proyect from this year. It's a shame I'm a doctor and havent shared yet any knowledge with the crowd 
  • I'm feeling better about the org so I'm considering... 2015-03-22 18:33:26 Erasing my videos from the database of the org. And yes, I'm highly considering it, so until then, no more uploads to the org, including my newest video 
  • First Entry in 2015 /I dont feel well about the org 2015-03-14 21:05:49 There are several reasons why I no longer want to get involved with the org:

    -Administrative decisions and the inclussion of new people in it. I'm afraid of posting here even this entry might be erased after posted.
    -The fact that I'm currently waiting for the end of my job, exactly at may 31, 2015. I'll lose my job although been already offered for a new job, away from my city.
    -I have decided to stop supporting the org and instead join the AMVNews team as new translator:
    -Many of my old friends are gone, and I'm not used to the new people
    -My country is currently experiencing an unexpected growing in the AMV Community so I also decided to use my knowledge from the AMV World for them.
    -There are still some few people I really appreciated here so I will ty to keep in touch with them. For me this place has lost any kind of interest (except probably for the Tech departament)
    -Once I will be unemployed it will mean a return back to all the AMV Making but I will think carefully about posting videos here. In this moment, the AMVNews has the preference over the org.
    -In few words: I don't trust the org right now

    This doesnt mean however I will stop posting articles and interviews which can be found at ZonaAMV, it's just that if I post here it will not be the same 
  • 4 months later, one AKROSS Con envoy comes 2014-09-28 22:40:15 and an Ask account too

    So we're doing several changes between the comments in the forum and the videos

    New people joins the administration this year

    And October begins and the AKROSS Con too 
  • Several things I have to say 2014-05-31 14:22:56 Been a while since I last wrote so I guess I wont be writting so much after this one:

    -I'm finally ready to upgrade titles in medicine, so that means that I can start the speciality of gineocology. Since I'll be 26 years old next year and the laws that prevents me to continue are now useless, it's time to take the choice.

    -Once the JE video and a certain video are featured no more videos from me this year and part of the 2015.

    -I'll have to quit for now, dunno if it's going to be definitive but once I'm done I shoud be able to save some time to look how's this place and the rest of communities during the time I'm out.

    -I'll be visiting the site but not really feeling like getting involved with the people for now... unless it's something interesting.

    -AC2014 will have several changes since I'm not the onky one leaving this year. This includes a new editor that will start making her appearance in the russian community. Hoping she can do fine without the veterans

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