JOURNAL: DarkSchneider (Douglas Beaver)

  • Nearly back up to par... 2007-09-04 01:25:21 Well, interesting how disasters seem to strike.

    Two days prior to Anime Expo 2007, my system dies. Here I thought the software system was the cause of the crash, but nope! It was later discovered that the real reason why my system died was because of the motherboard. Sad but true! So ive been whithout a comp for about a couplea months, which sucked cuz it made sigining up for online courses an impossibility. But now I'm back, but it seems my Ulead Mediastudio pro 7 is incompatible with Windows Vista which came preloaded on the new system. So now I must look into another video editing program. I'm thinkin of gettin Ulead's Videostudio 11, but I have to evaluate the differences between the regular and pro versions. after all, I dont wanna get more than I need on stuff. Anyway, that's the lil update right now. 
  • Straight Outta Anime: Move over FLCL, Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi's takin your place. 2007-05-02 20:30:59 Jeez, the more I hear and see bits and pieces of MOSH(Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi), the more im interested. I just saw this AMV done by Silver Moon called "She's so Oblivious" and I am now waiting for the DVD release. One thing's for sure, on my upcoming "Straight Outta Anime" AMV to Weird Al's Polkarama, the part where the "Girlfriend hot like me" part, which I originally was gonna use FLCL for, MOSH is goin in there. ^_^ I may have started down the road of haruhiism, or however its called. 
  • Still searching for a website & AX' 07 entry 2007-04-27 23:00:21 Well, my new job is much better than my old, all set to go to AX '07 just have to save up money for it & my AX AMV entry is in the mail. Nuff said. Back to World of Warcraft for me and take a load off from AMVs for a little bit. 
  • Sphroth's World of Anime on Temporary Hiatus. 2006-12-06 09:49:17 Well, for those that visit my site, they may notice that the site is suspended. It has been to my request. I have taken the site down, but not forever. And the hunt for a better server aside from Silowave has begun. 
  • System back up, Job seeking & awaiting AX '06! 2006-05-10 20:14:27 Well, it's been about 4 days since I finally got everything back up to status quo. I'm sharing connection with my folks & gettin back to the last project I have planned for Anime Expo 06's AMV Contest, but I've been also searching for a job since I set foot on my native soil, which is California. But I've made some considerable progress before the move, so finishing my second project will only be a matter of time. Other than that, well, it's good to be back, again! 
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