JOURNAL: advent87 (Bill Meunier)

  • Anime Boston Ends, A new beginning Begins... 2013-05-28 09:59:27 Anime Boston has come and gone. Like last year I was a finalist in the contest and I actually did pretty well considering I was in a tough category with 4 really great videos by some really talented editors. In fact the whole contest was strong this year (except for comedy which had a few good videos and one really horrible troll video at the end. So horrible that people were actually leaving before it ended. It was that bad.).

    I left AB on sunday with two things on my mind. One is that I really need to set up my game as an editor. I met some really cool editors and they said that they would help give some feedback on new projects I am working on. But all in all I really need to enter 2014 with some solid videos that really are awesome. I am getting close to where I should be in my editing work but I really need to push myself for the end of this year beginning of next year.

    The other thing is that I need a new computer with blu ray capture abilities. I decided to go the PC route due to the fact that macs are going down hill and I need my computer for other non amv work. So I am on a quest to build a nice editing system, compete with blu ray write drive, a fast processor, video card and much more. This means I am going to go and learn Adobe programs for my next two big projects. So it will be interesting to see what comes out of this end result.

    Hopefully I will be able to step up my game and come up with some amazing videos for the 2013-2014 con season.

    We shall soon see.  
  • Getting things back on track 2013-01-28 13:31:05 Since I got a new full time job it has taken awhile for me to get use the the time I spend at it and also figuring out how to integrate the other aspects of my life, such as amv editing into my weeks. Well I think I figured out how to do this and I now can work, and do the things I was doing before I got this job as well.

    Working on two new videos now. One I like and has alot of potential. The other is a fun little side project that I don't know what to do with. Not sure where to go from here but we will see where 2013 takes me. 
  • Another video in the bag 2012-09-30 15:37:29 Well after four months of editing I finally was able to finish a new video. Posted it last night on both Youtube and the org. Hope people like it and it does well in the contests I send it too. 
  • Work Work and more work 2012-08-15 12:35:41 Well for the past few months I have been deep in trenched in work, both amv related and other media related. I attempted to try some new effect techniques in one video, however that video is too complex both concept wise and in general. But its funny, cause sometimes ideas just come to you in very strange ways. And when you try an idea that you think may or may not work, sometimes they turn out to surprise you in the long run. Plus manipulating stories of series is always a fun thing to do to. But anyways I digress. This constant stream of work that I have been doing is very cool, due to the fact that I have a fine balance between amv work, TV video work, and job search work. Plus now the whole networking thing is starting to take affect as well (job search wise I mean which is huge). I am also stepping out of my comfort zone a bit and have entered some contests that I have never entered before, one that got me my very first award and the other a second place award for. Its pretty cool and I look forward to how people will react to my latest project, as well as future projects that I have conceptualized but not started yet. In the end I hope that I am improving and will continue to improve with this amazing hobby as I progress forward into the future and beyond.  
  • New things on the horizon 2012-04-25 13:15:26 With the Boston convention behind me and new conventions, contests and now a tournament coming up it seems like now I have gotten more momentum with this whole thing. I am now in total and complete overdrive and I have new ways and approaches to getting videos done. Its very exciting.

    All of the new source material I got at Boston and various other places is now on my harddrive ready for pre processing. Some I plan to use for upcoming medium to large projects and some just to have on my drive ready for use. There is alot more work I have ahead of me and I feel like Boston has boosted my desire to get what I want to get done finished.

    It is all a matter of time now.  
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