JOURNAL: grimmer (Marcel Drost)

  • The forum quote... (two ideas that should work..) 2003-08-07 06:34:34 Hmmm is it possible to link the star-rating download list to the favorite list and to the opinion list?

    Now I have three kind of ranking lists. (opinion, star and favorite) My idea (suggestion) would be in the (example) favourite list two extra columns (average given opinions... and stars given)

    Why? than I can make sure I use the same standard in rating in each video. Also I can easily see what AMV's I've downloaded and witch ones I'd still have to give opinions too...

    SECOND! suggestion.. Make a promo link to what happens when you become a donator.. (a bit of commercial to cover the expenses isn't bad!) It's a great site and why do you not promote it further?

    *****These where quotes from the forum ideas I think should be promoted**** hmm (for now at least)
  • Stars and stripes 2003-07-29 06:48:52 A shame actually that you can give only stars to local downloads... I've downloaded a lot from other sites. Now I cannot give stars to those who deserve it. They have to do with grades... oh well ... Nohing los t 
  • 17 hits..... 2003-07-28 11:44:04 and still going strong.. I wonder what those stars are in the video section and what the difference is etween a pledge or a donation... hmm... still I love the site. Especially my old Robotech passion has come back because of the macross series... ahhh Pinpoint barrier systems, folding systems. ... Mcross The flower of Live and the invid.... snif (nostalgic) got to love it ;) 
  • M first logon 2003-07-13 11:59:40 13-12-2002... Maybe this will be my community???? 
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