JOURNAL: EkaCoralian (Eka )

  • Heeeeeeere's Eka! 2009-10-26 22:20:30 I don't really plan on uploading anything anytime soon (although a parody trailer is lingering in the depths of my mind right now), but I will upload an AMV for May 2010, for sure. =3
    Now I'm off to make a banner for said May 2010 AMV~ 
  • I Should Upload an AMV on Here Soon 2008-11-29 00:28:37 I've got a bit of AMV-makers' block, but I'm steadily working on a few anime music videos. The first one I'll upload on my account here will most likely be a Casshern SINS AMV. From there, I think I might spout out a Christmas AMV (possibly.)

    Well its 12:30 midnight, and I am tired. 'Night! 
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