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  • RIP AMVs? 2013-11-11 18:18:29 Lately Iíve been wondering, is AMV editing as a hobby dying out? It seems the more i look around, the more I am inclined to think so. There is still a good amount of AMVs being uploaded on to YouTube, but it's very inconsistent as far as consecutive releases by the same editor. It seems like one editor makes an AMV and never uploads one again for another year or even more, resulting in a less TOTAL amount of AMVs. A possible rebuttal would be "Oh no, AMVs are just dying on YouTube."

    Well then, letís take a look at another site. Possibly the biggest AMV outletÖ

    Looking at the .Org you notice a similar trend. If you look at the amount of videos that have premiered per year you will notice that every year after 2006 the amount gets smaller and smaller. Now I understand that a new member to the .Org could upload a video that premiered, for example, in 2005 and then when searching the video catalog, it would list the video as being from 2005; and, that might skew the actual amount of videos UPLOADED to the site in 2013. But, I'm not sure of any function on this website that allows you to show the amount of videos that have been UPLOADED per year as opposed to DATE PREMIERED. But still, if this site were active, wouldn't there be people giving donations?

    Looking at the donation statistics is quite scary. We are on the last day of the 30 day period and we haven't even reached HALF! I don't know who might cover the rest of that bill, and I don't know how much it costs, but it's not pretty. My only deduction from this is that this site is also dying. Less Donations + less videos premiering per year = less activity. For God's sake I don't need to go through all of this, just look at the Forum activity, it's DEAD! Look at all the new members. Out of 210 new members ONLY 3 HAVE POSTED ONE SINGLE POST EACH! WTF? I think this is another indicator that AMV editing is dying.

    Really? --> stopped being updated 1 year ago --> a video or 2 might be uploaded every few months
    you cannot upload videos to reddit, so no -_- takes videos from other sites as do most other amv websites


    I think that if the .Org activity comes to a halt and the amount of NEW YouTube videos being uploaded decreases, it's a good representation of the hobby dying as a whole, since they seem to be the biggest outlets for AMVs. However! I have a theory about this, a possible reason why. Many people who get into editing for the first time are in their teens (15-18) and really have no responsibilities other than high-school. Once they graduate it seems like the hobby is kinda left behind because they now have important life matters to attend to such as school, relationships, work, etc. But I think within the next 2-4 years, many of those editors will start to come back because they will be finished with school, have an established relationship, and work

    Or this shit is just dumb as fuck and people finally realized it's a complete waste of time.
  • My Turn 2012-03-14 02:02:54 I 100% back Gote on this one.
    His intention was never to give his honest opinon per se about the video. He was saying that chiiisus shouldn't have raged the person who gave their opinion. I believe you should have read the whole journal post rather than stop reading it after the first sentence. That's really ignorant of you.

    I think taking someones words out of context in an attempt to attack them is "low. Even by internet standards.". You just seemed to have read whatever the fuck you wanted to read rather than reading the journal post as a whole.

    I feel like it's a lost cause for you to try and explain anymore. It seems that people are shocked by the fact that you said the video wasn't "perfect" when the video was dedicated to a close friend of theirs (magnus) who has passed away. They feel that everyone should automatically say the video is the best there is and it is flawless because it is dedicated to a loved one who has died.

    I don't understand the logic presented by chiiisus. It only makes sense that someone would want to make a video perfect if it was dedicated to a very special someone. Imagine if videos dedicated to you were a load of shit editing. I don't see how a perfect video is just another video. A perfect video stands out, a shitty video is just another video. Btw, I'm not calling your video shitty.

    Let's see how this one gets taken out of context.... 
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