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  • hey 2006-07-30 02:14:23 heck its been a while lol i know i say that everytime but it has, its a sunday and i have been doing so much school work this weekend. last nite me lisa and kris met up with ben and jon and it was pretty fun. alison was gonna come later on she snuck out and when she was nearly near us her mum rang her and she had to run home, sge got busted and her mum also called mine and lisas parents which was really gay. ben and jon slept around northbridge the whole night i felt so bad coz i got to go home with lisa and i slept on a matteress when they like slept on the conrete ground. but yeh it was pretty fun lol when we were at the skate ramp lisa was passing us a jim bean and coke while she was was running up the skate ramp to give it to us and then she slipped and rolled down the skat ramp and the can splited all over her it was so funny.

    this tuesday i hav to pick my subjects for skool, hav no idea wat i wanna do there really rushing it wich is gay. i got work expereice the week after that, im going to film graphics, its an advisting agency. 
  • guess what? 2005-12-23 22:19:08 well its christmas eve and for some reason i am so not excited about christmas..... wich i wish i was coz i am every year
    i hav another new music video up. its about video. its a slow song so dont except it to be all like action timed syncing or whateva. yeh i didnt spend much time on it i must admit it was so easy to make though. i started last night on it and i finished today. yes so i bet i wont get an opinion on it...... 
  • tired.......zzzzzzzzzzz 2005-12-18 00:23:59 last night i got home at 4 had an hour sleep then went to work. god i was tired my manager was like "wake up ur such not a morning person' i was just like ok wateva ....etc....etc
    remeber when i was talking before how the manager doesnt think im capable of shit well that happened again today. but she let me do the food for drive through for like 20 mins but it was like a last resort to her and as soon as the girl came in (the one who i hate) the manager was like stop and let her do it..... wateva
    well on my break i got to talk to this guy hoo seems friendly but i neva get to work with, and he exchanged numbers coz he said he has a holiday house near where i have mine and yeh g2g
  • oh yea just forgot..... 2005-12-14 06:05:20 yeh a few days ago i finished a new music video its called gohans thoughts and its up on the site..... not many people have taken a look at it.. oh the pain 
  • what the hell is taurine flavor? 2005-12-14 06:03:06 thats what i would like to know. im tired and i have to get up at 5:45 tomorrow to work ahhhhhh. anyway i have been shopping over the past 3 days and i have spent so much money its shocking. i am wearing some of the new clothes i bought. its been 5 days since my boyfriend went to new zeland and i miss him so much on the first 3 days were the hardest though. cant wait for him to get back but then its like im wishing the holidays away which i dont want to do. its annoying i just cant win can i?

    a song that has really grown on me is "swing life away" its so soothing. also a song i really like at the moment is quit your life by mxpx. anyway i might get my upper ear pierced i asked my dad and he said he will think about it.

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