JOURNAL: lilgumba

  • *gear clicks* 2009-11-08 23:15:32 hmmm...idea that's been in my head over 2 years...i wonder if i can still do it after so long... 
  • It's been awhile 2009-05-15 22:41:47 Thanks for the quick comment on Fate. Sorry I'm just now seeing it.

    Just stopping by to say a brief hello. Heck maybe I'll drop by the IRC room real quick. I saw the finalists at ACen and I must say they were nice. It's almost been 7 years since I got exposed to AMVs but it has changed so much. It's nice to take a peek every now and then to see what it's like.

    Back to my lurking state. Laters. 
  • 2008-08-24 19:20:07 thanks for the QC. :) 
  • 2008-05-14 21:15:25 I'll be at ACen but just Saturday this time. AMV contest is a must but this year I want to check out the masquerade but from a non participant view. If I do that then I don't really have much time in between besides the afternoon. I don't think I'll be buying much from the dealers room either. Unless I splurge on a grab back. I did get some nice stuff last year. I am debating if I should wear my little goomba again this year. I would wear my big goomba but that was very heavy 2 years ago.

    In amv news...this video (well 5 seconds of it) has been sitting on my desktop for months. The other one before that I scrapped even though I did get a good minute of the song done. No motivation. T_T 
  • 2007-10-27 00:20:51 thanks for the QC 
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