JOURNAL: Krisqo (Chris Ruhl Jr)

  • @TC 2011-02-05 00:18:10 My 3rd beta right now. Loving it. Not too flashy and it feels very nice. LOTS of lag this afternoon, but after a few hours, I can now do full invasions nearly lag free. Which is an improvement over the last beta. Warfronts are fun and at least the Realm of the Fae dungeon is interesting, especially when you get to the winter section. Looks like a blizzard.

    Already pre-ordered and counting down the days to head start. 
  • Rift Beta= 2010-12-28 23:34:19 Awesome!!

    Lots of similarities to World of Warcraft. The Soul Trees look similar to WoWs talents and the Achievement menu looks almost identical. That said though, the game just feels nice and fluid for a beta. If the lag gets fixed and they add some AA, I will most likely be hopping to it.  
  • Are you kidding? 2010-12-26 21:04:41 On top of my previous rant, I check my E-mail for an elusive Rift beta invite and I see notices from Blizzard that my password has been reset and another saying my account has be given a 3 hours ban for advertising gold. So I've only subbed to the game for 2 weeks and I'M already hacked.

    What fun.  
  • Seriously? 2010-12-26 20:41:07 One would think that after having INSANE business (by insane I mean a month worth of business in 3 days) everyone in my area would have enough food to last them one little snowstorm....

    Guess we all thought wrong.

    7am I go in and the place is swamped. Deli is about 10 customers behind based on those little numbers you take and the current one on the board. Plus all the meat and chicken is blown out. To make matters worse, all the departments were low on product because of the Christmas Rush (busiest in 3 years) AND they all ordered very little in today because of inventory being taken tomorrow morning.

    All I want is a day off and now I gotta figure out how to get to work in 20in of snow tomorrow morning just to get to my day off.

    Kill me now. 
  • @ Code 2010-12-09 16:07:52 Just say you are racist. I actually got called to the courthouse because the little survey thing went to my dad's house and not my own. I just said I couldn't be a fair juror because of the guy's race and that I support the NRA.

    I was only there for 4 hours :)

    But only got a $10 check whereas if I was at work I would have made almost $50 :( 
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