JOURNAL: Moonlight Soldier

  • live from animethon part 6 2013-08-10 19:56:53 THE BONUS ROUND!

    ouran I touch my self vid = instant laughs


    chibi things that met muh deuce
    not the plushies! Collective: NOT PIKACHU!


    keep laughing whenever Vlad says ITouchmyself

    we get a third option!

    Nazi Pinkie Pie

    A feel good video wins 
  • live from animethon part 5 2013-08-10 19:42:44 oh noes! The drama category

    maybe there's some gooddrama...

    all those creators who make drama are crying
    they shoud be says the audience

    shiny vs. crossover video ooooo
    'my mind has been melted' says someone

    save the world vs. shatters of reflection

    Reflection WINS. 
  • live from animethon part 4 2013-08-10 19:32:25 Round 5: time for cake
    trailer category

    the doubleheader says Vlad
    driftwood's kingdom of lfs vs. lil atari's matrix
    Final fantasy vs. itself
    circular logic we can't have that here...
    LFS wins! 
  • live from animethon part 3 2013-08-10 19:21:45 Vlad threatens to shut down 3/4 of the North american video rooms

    spiral rangers vs. Old spice utena
    closest one yet!!!!

    Canada vs. USA

    national pride is on this one


    Old spice!!!! CANADA WINS 
  • live from animethon part 2 2013-08-10 19:15:50 Round 3: ileia vs. ness
    "one competitor likes to deceive the other likes to.dress well'
    Ness wins. 'obviously somebody dresses in a suit they win" quotes courtesy Vlad. 
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