JOURNAL: Esrhan (Jari Perho)

  • Hey there! 2012-05-17 08:59:36 I haven't been to this site for a while, and decided to do a small clean up operation for my video entries. I just gotta say that I've done some pretty weird videos back then. :p 
  • Light Update 2010-03-27 11:15:34 From a hobbyist AMV Editor to an Online Editor. I thank the whole site for all the technical advice I've been given a chance to abrosb ever since I joined. Most of that stuff has been a great aid. 
  • Winter 2009 2009-12-05 19:14:22 It's supposed to be winter now, so where's all the snow? Finland should be at least lightly covered by snow now! Nowadays it's just cold... 
  • Audiovisual studies 2009-05-28 13:32:30 Tomorrow our 2-year ETV education ends! I hope the weather is good for a small party! Got myself a bottle of Malibu rum and cranberry juice to mix it with. Get your island on!

    I also got myself a Wacom Intuos4 M pen tablet for work. Second day of using it and I'm loving it! I used to use my right hand for the mouse, but I'm left handed so now my "orientation" is correct at last! My right wrist was getting pretty sore from pushing a hockey puck all day. It will now finally rest.

    Haven't even visited the Org for a long time. Too much work, but at least it's a breeze when you're editing with an 8-core Intel Xeon Mac Pro with Final Cut Studio 2. Now to get some money done with it.

    Enjoy the coming summer everyone! 
  • Zeitgeist 2009-02-26 07:34:45

    Looky. There is an event even in Finland over here.

    The date for this worldwide event is March 15th 2009. 
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