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  • Hi again. 2004-05-20 06:47:55 Well, gee. I went and forgot all about this whole journal thing for... two months. Kinda wierd to be coming back to it.

    Anyway, since my last post, I have uploaded another video. It was made for a contest Mr. Oni was running, and participated against two others. It didn't win, but I like it nonetheless. As aggravating as making AMVs can be to me, I find that it's hard to hate the finished product. I just please myself. Can't decide whether that's good or bad. Pretty sure it's good, though.

    Our production company's up to 27 (I think) videos. I'm still the one with the least amount, though. Meh, I can call it quality of quantity =P (no offense to my family, of course). Seriously, though, I've just gotta sit my ass down and watch Battle Athletes: Victory again. I'm using it for the project I'm working on, but I keep running into the fact that 1) I've only watched the series once, 2) that was quite a while ago, 3) I don't remember much because of 1 and 2, and 4) 1, 2, and 3 combined aren't good working conditions.

    Let's see... I suppose, for the sake of it, I can tell you a bit about my nakama, and point you toward the best of each their videos. Let's see here...

    liilleaskyez - This is my sister. Her specialty seems to lie in making more serious AMVs than I'm into. She has, thus far, produced the most AMVs of all of us. To be deadly honest, I really didn't know at first if producing them at such an alarming rate as she does was a good thing. In spite of all of this, I've found that some of it is actually pretty damn good! However, I'm not sure that I've seen all of what she's done, plus the fact that it's hard for me to decide which of hers I like the most. I'm going to go with my gut when I say that her best is...
    --Shinji Isn't Perfect--

    Ruadvin - This is my brother. At first, mild, fun/romances looked to be his thing, but he seems to be branching out and trying new things. I believe he now has at least one video for every catagory (except trailer). To me, he's the most middle-of-the-road of all of us, in terms of AMVs. He seems to be exceptional no what catagory he tries. Having to say which is his masterpiece, however, I choose...
    --Japanese Golden Boy--

    tajjej - My father. The only one of us to make a real fanservice video. Also the one who'd I'd have to say I'd like the most, in terms of our AMVs. That is, I like more of his videos, percentage-wise, more than liiliea or Ruadvin. He has sort of an indescribable ability to just make like-able AMVs. Coming in a close second (mentioned only because it was really, really close) is his --Blowin' in the Wind-- AMV. Incredible in it's power to convey it's message, and even has a few fascinating quirks that even he didn't see at first. However, when it comes right down to it, his greatest AMV would have to be...
    --The First Time Ever--

    Well, that's my 'production company.' We are CLR, and to find the videos mentioned above, as well as the rest of our works, just enter CLR into the 'Studio' catagory of the search engine here on this site. Thank you for taking an interest and I hope you enjoy our AMVs as much as we enjoyed producing them for you.

    Back to me, this weekend I intend to have a friend over. A friend that I don't get to see much of anymore, since I graduated high school. He wants to see some of the anime I've got, particularly Tenchi Muyo GXP, so we're gonna hang out in the living room and spend the day watching anime in 5.1 surround sound. At least, that's what I have planned. Good stuff.

    I hooked up with Mr. Oni briefly over AIM, in light of the recent competition, to find out a bit more about what he considers whackable. Purest curiousity. He pointed me toward a few of his higher-rated videos, as well as the winner of the competition I was in. While I've yet to see the winning video (it's on my to-do list), the All Girl Love Love Project (a.k.a. the Pedo Project '04) was a rather amazing. It could have used a boost in the video quality, but still, it's damn good. HLAX2, one of Mr. Oni's videos, was disturbing and amusing at the same time. Good, though not a masterpiece. Recommended for the sick and twisted. >)

    Well, that's about it. I think it's time for some sleep, after a few more AMVs. Will see about writing more often.

    - FallenPhoenix 
  • Still goin'... 2004-03-19 05:08:00 So anyway, all that talk last night about stuff went down the drain as my One Piece torrent finished. So now, I'm 17 episodes acquainted with One Piece. Not as good as I was hoping, but still awesome, and a lot of fun to boot.

    Went to be last night and woke up 12 hours later. Still not sure how that happened. I usually only go eight, nine at most. Kinda wierd, but it felt good. Only problem is I still haven't fully woken up.

    Probably not going to be any editing again for me tonight. On top of being mildly tired, I got a headache. Not good working conditions.

    Well, thanks for reading. Gonna check the site, then my medicine cabinet, then proabably watch more One Piece. Tah tah. 
  • Word up! 2004-03-18 03:04:57 11 hits as I come into my second journal posting! Word up!

    Anyway, still tusling with ideas. Beginning to tip the boat in favor of another comedy/fun video, simply because I'll probably do better going with what I know until I get that down pat. So, unless a whim tells me otherwise, nothing but comedy/fun for me for a while.

    I keep telling myself that by the time I go to bed in a few hours, I'll have fired up Premiere, captured some footage, and started playing with some ideas. The skies aren't looking very blue, though. I'm in the mood to kill off energy, and walking back and forth between the shelf and the DVD player simply wouldn't cut it. Of course, sitting here typing isn't any better, but what can I do? If it wasn't midnight, and if there weren't six other people sleeping in the house, I'd probably be playing DDR. Woe is me.

    So, as I stop to think, maybe I'll burn energy mentally. I.E. I'm going to enter this journal entry, glance over the forums for a few more minutes, then do some capturing/experimenting. Thanks again to those that read, all y'all rock! 
  • This is Neat-o 2004-03-17 03:48:28 Well, it's 12:36 AM and I was poking around the site, only to stumple onto this. Never knew I had such a thing. Guess I'll write a bit in it.

    As of this entry, I personally have produced a single AMV, but my 'production company' (me, my dad, my sister and my brother) has produced 16. I am currently rifling through ideas for a new AMV, but I got a ton of them and it's getting hard to decide which to use. Thank God I've found a use for paper- writing ideas down and storing them in a dank corner of my room. Not only that, but I'm torn between doing another comedy/fun AMV and a romance AMV. I happen to think I'd do well with either, I got some good ideas, but I just can't decide. Perhaps one of these days I'll sit and just start doing one.

    On a side note, there are two unfinished projects I have going that I may or may not ever finish. The first was a test-run on Adobe Premiere Pro just to see how it all worked. I named the video 'Anime in D Minor' after the song it used, 'Canon in D Minor,' which is an Mozart piano song. I got a whole 20 seconds done and decided that this probably wasn't a good idea, and if I ever decide to finish it (which is unlikely), it's not going to be any time soon.

    The second unfinished project was a great idea, or so I thought. I took the opening three minutes (the audio, at least) from the short-lived live-action 'The Tick' series, which I bought on DVD. I happened to think it was a most excellent piece to do an AMV to, but as I worked on it, I found myself lacking in footage. I was using only one series which I won't name here (because I may yet finish it, and I don't want anybody stealing the idea), and the bits I was looking for I found there was not a whole lot of. So, that project is on hold as well.

    Well, that about wraps it up. I'm hoping I can look back on this entry when I'm a legend and say to myself, "Look how far I've come," and be proud. Thanks to those that took the time to read, I appreciate it. 
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