JOURNAL: vicky-t (Victoria )

  • procrastinating 2010-02-03 18:27:22 yup. thats what im doing.
    ...i hate it.
    i wish i was one of those people who can just GET WORK DONE.
    i tried it once. didnt work.
    if i could finish at a NORMAL time id be able to work on this AMV ='/
    and play KH and sew. gosh too much stuff i wanna do.
    maybe i should get off and ya know, work? or something. so i can get more than 6 hours of sleep ;D which WOULD be plenty, except i cant function without at least 10 hours, and that just doesnt happen during the week.
    kayyyy so baii >>.<< 
  • NYAF TOMO XD 2009-09-24 20:06:50 So...YAY. Tomorrows the first day of New York Anime Festival 2009, my first con too =DD oh if words could describe how excited I am. =D And the even more exciting part is that my AMV made it into the finals for drama/romance! =O. So..yaa deff gonna go see those XD. i guess its gonna premiere AT the con, so ill post the vid on the org....after....? heh heh. i wish i was cosplaying, but...short notice...and im going straight from school so yeah i aint doin that. Maybe next year ;D when itll be sharing the javits center with yeah that sounds fun. XD and i need to start a new vid soon but hw and crap keeps getting in the way T_T. also my computer is being a butt =/ grrr. and finally learning after effects!! yaye? hahahaha. well.

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