JOURNAL: Satomi (Claire )

  • Why Satomi and Kristyrat should not have children 2006-01-03 18:41:38 * [Krat]amv shoots Satomi full of luv
    <Decoy|Ops> GO BACK
    <Decoy|Ops> TO BED
    <Niotex> >_<
    <Satomi> I should, but I probably won't
    <Decoy|Ops> * [Krat]amv shoots Satomi full of tiny Krat's :X
    <Satomi> O_O
    <Atom> Chut Up!
    <Ileia> I think that all of those "Free Beer" of "Porn" announcement titles we've been getting recently are all my fault.
    <Fall_Skewl42> threre will be Kratomis running arounhd!
    * Fall_Skewl42 is now known as Kratomi
    <[Krat]amv> O:
    * Kratomi runs around
    <Satomi> O_o
    <Kratomi> Mommy! Daddy!
    * Ileia is now known as SatRat
    <SatRat> I know that you love me best!
    <[Krat]amv> o.O
    * Kitsuner is now known as Kristomi
    * Kratomi stabs SatRat
    * Satomi disowns the children
    <Satomi> Have fun, Krat
    * Kristomi cries
    * SatRat clings to Satomi
    <[Krat]amv> onoes
    <SatRat> Don't go!
    <Kristomi> ;_;
    <SatRat> I'm not like them!
    <Kratomi> Where is mommy going?
    * [Krat]amv is a deadbeat dad
    <SatRat> I...I wipe my own ass!
    <SatRat> I WIPE MY OWN ASS!
    <Satomi> I hate that movie
    * Kratomi is hungry
    <[Krat]amv> here's some cash, go play at the mall
    <Kratomi> Awesome
    * SatRat plays with Daddy's computer
    <Kristomi> $_$
    <[Krat]amv> NO
    <SatRat> Show me how to edit.
    <[Krat]amv> OFF THE COMPY
    <SatRat> ;_;
    * Kratomi experiments with drugs and unprotected sex
    <Kratomi> with decoy
    * SatRat spills Koolaid on the keyboard
    * [Krat]amv hopes Kratomi dies from gayds
    <SatRat> UH
    <SatRat> OH
    * Kristomi opens the bottles under the sink
    <Decoy|Ops> WHOA
    <Decoy|Ops> Everyone wants a piece of me.
    * Kristomi spills them on the floor
    * [Krat]amv throws the kids at the pound and drives off
    <Decoy|Ops> Kinda like how Dante and Vergil turned out :/
    * SatRat runs back and jumps onto the car
    <Kristomi> DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <Kristomi> ;_;
    * SatRat holds on
    * [Krat]amv swerves drunkenly
    <Satomi> Note: Krat and I should not have children...ever
    <[Krat]amv> agreed
    <SatRat> Daddy!
    <SatRat> I have a dollar for you if you let me sit in the car!
    <Kratomi> well you shoulda thought of that BEFORE :~[
    * Kristomi runs away to go live with Mommy...
    * [Krat]amv sprays windshield washer on SatRat
    * Satomi moves away
    * SatRat has a clean face now
    <SatRat> Win.
    * Kratomi becomes a prostatute
    <[Krat]amv> prostatue?
    <Niotex> this is scary...
    <SatRat> Prostate?
    * Kratomi gets a rich women to fall in love with him
    <[Krat]amv> Nio: you're telling me?
    * Decoy|Ops is now known as Decoy|brb
    * SatRat is still only 5 years old.
    * Kristomi gets lost and is adopted by Pwolf
    * [Krat]amv chases after Decoy
    <[Krat]amv> DON'T LEAVE ME
    <Kristomi> :(
    <[Krat]amv> yay
    <[Krat]amv> one down
    * Kratomi lives his life in the lap of luxuary with a rich cougar
    * Satomi hides behind Niotex
    <Kratomi> Awesome
    <Satomi> Look kids, a parent for you
    <[Krat]amv> two down
    * SatRat is still clinging to the car
    * Kristomi convinces Pwolf to help him find his real parents
    <[Krat]amv> all that's left is SatRat
    * [Krat]amv can live with that
    * [Krat]amv stops the car
    * SatRat hits her face hard on the back windshield
    <SatRat> Owie......
    * Kratomi dies while attempting to blend marguritas whilst in the bath.
    * [Krat]amv notes that Pwolf is busy following his cat with a paper cup
    * Kratomi is now known as Fall_Skewl42
    <Satomi> He's doing what?
    * Kristomi fetches the syrup and butter.
    <Pwolfamv> O.O
    * [Krat]amv gives SatRat a blanket
    <[Krat]amv> he needs his cat to poop for him
    <Satomi> Hahahahahahahahahaha
    <Niotex> i so need to get a teazer...
    * SatRat gives Daddy a macaroni necklace
    <SatRat> Put it on, Daddy.
    * [Krat]amv accepts and praises SatRat
    * SatRat makes another
    * SatRat wears it
    <SatRat> I'm just like Daddy!
    <SatRat> Wearing crap that nobody wants!
    <[Krat]amv> [15:03] <Pwolfamv> "TAKE A POOP!!!"
    * Kristomi poops
    <Kristomi> ewww
    * SatRat sneaks up to Daddy's keyboard
    * SatRat looks around
    * [Krat]amv notes that Kristomi is nowhere near him
    * [Krat]amv notes that SatRat better not touch the awsm keyboard 
  • More IRC fun 2005-07-22 02:11:38 <trythil> whoa crap
    <trythil> I tore my pants doing DDR today 
  • IRC Late Nights 2005-07-21 05:02:59 <Pwolfamv> <trythil> people make fun of me all the time
    <Pwolfamv> <trythil> go pick on pwolf
    <Pwolfamv> heh
    <trythil> they do
    <trythil> how many comments have you seen in this room about me being pretty
    <godix> Just passing on what I heard. I'm not sure if they meant you were blue down there, that your dick looks like a humanoid, that your are small, or that like the smurfs there's only a 1 in 100 chance of finding a woman there.
    <Satomi> trythil is pretty
    <Satomi> There ya go
    <Moon> trythil: that's not you being picked on though
    <trythil> yes it is
    <trythil> damnit
    <Pwolfamv> but...
    <Satomi> trythil, does that mean I get picked on too?
    <trythil> Satomi: no, you're female
    <trythil> hence win
    <Pwolfamv> lol
    <Moon> lol
    <Satomi> Trythil: You're pretty
    <trythil> GAH
    <Satomi> Now, there has been a comment!
    <Pwolfamv> hahaha
    <Satomi> Even though it scares me that you want to be considered pretty
    <Moon> alright, henceforth, trythil shall be smexy, for it is the other fangurlish word to describe bishies
    <trythil> no, I *don't*
    <Pwolfamv> smexy
    <Pwolfamv> lol
    <trythil> gah
    <trythil> that's worse
    <Moon> lol
    <Pwolfamv> hah
    <Pwolfamv> a
    <godix> trythil: There are no women on the internet. Satomi is a guy. However he's a guy pretending to be a woman and everyone still holds out home they can jerk off to that so....
    <Pwolfamv> O.O
    <Pwolfamv> nuuuuu
    <Satomi> hahahahaha
    <trythil> godix: satomi is definitely a guy
    <trythil> check out his livejournal
    <godix> holds out hope. One of these days I definately have to learn how to write english.
    <trythil> 'definitely'
    <Satomi> trythil: I am so going to kill you one day...
    <Moon> LIES, I have spoken with the Satomi
    <godix> trythil: I make a practice of never reading livejournal. If I want goths I'll go to the mall.
    <trythil> Satomi: i didn't link to your LJ, did I? :p
    <Satomi> Point taken
    <Pwolfamv> technically i've been on skype with satomi... but i can never hear anything she says -_-

    *later on*
    <trythil> Moon: actually
    <trythil> for a 19-year-old Tokyo girl
    <trythil> her English isn't bad, either
    <Moon> Pwolf: I haven't been on much either,
    <trythil> i should try to friend her
    <Moon> lol you can woo her with your code
    <Pwolfamv> lol
    <trythil> screw that, I want a Japanese penpal
    <Pwolfamv> r his prettiness
    <Pwolfamv> >.>
    <trythil> DIE
    <trythil> no
    <Moon> LOL
    <Pwolfamv> lol
    <Pwolfamv> hmm
    <Pwolfamv> looks like i wont be going to acen06
    <Moon> Pwolf: T-T but but
    <godix> trythil: Point out you're a bishie. Japanese chicks dig that.
    <trythil> godix: no
    <trythil> because I'm not
    <Moon> I'll probably be there *sniff*
    <Pwolfamv> in that case i'll go
    <Pwolfamv> ;)
    <Moon> ;-*
    * godix thinks he better avoid Acen 2006 for fear of trythil killing him.
    <Moon> lol
    <godix> There's nothing more humiliating than being beaten to death by a bishie.
    <Satomi> lol
    <Pwolfamv> lol
    <trythil> you all suck
    <Pwolfamv> :P
    <Satomi> You know we love you trythil
    <trythil> indeed
    <Moon> yep
    <godix> And not just because we dream of yaoi with you.
    <trythil> or do i
    <Pwolfamv> trythil> people make fun of me all the time
    <Pwolfamv> trythil> go pick on pwolf
    <trythil> YES 
  • Ah, Sammy... 2005-07-17 02:29:10 Am I the only one here that really gets a lot of amusement out of his ego trip personality? I find it to be hilarious. 
  • Finally 2004-08-24 19:29:05

    It is finished!! 
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