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  • 7 an on A Saturday....damn I am up way too early 2006-09-02 07:01:26 Its 7am on a Saturday and looking throiugh this journal of mine I see that I haven't made any new posts. I know I'm not what you consider a regular of and that suits me fine. I have some friends on here but mostly I've been busy with other projects.

    Its dawned on me that all though there are these wonderful things on here called opinions and quick comments that not all comments or opinions should be taken with disgust or anger. Simply respect the person for their opinion and inside you can think to yourself "Go to Hell" or "Gee, thanks for what you've told me today."

    I prefer the latter one.

    All People seem to have a view on what is right and what is wrong; what people fail to grasp is that an amv is an artform and like all pieces of art it is left up to the interpetation of the artist to make the decision as to how it will be presented.

    So to all I say if you get a great opinion, thank them and feel good about it. If you get a bad one, listen and unless its totally useless and just says something like I don't know "it sucks" then listen to what the person said and simply say thank you.

    Its your decision after that. 
  • Projects! Projects! Projects! 2005-12-30 12:41:19 My focus this year has not been as an amv creator but more so, a producer. There have been so many projects on the board this year and its fantastic and great. I am really excited about all the stuff we're doing.

    More so, Yoko has been so instrumental in getting these projects off the ground and onto the schedule. More so, the projects on the schedule four of them are not amv related but still cool all the same including making a fanfiction into an actual production with a real cast that we had audiitions out for.

    The schedule for 2006 is practically laid out as solid as can be with the projects ready to go throughout the year with deadlines firm and fast.

    Then the site itself? What can I say? We've got two of the best webmasters ever to take control. Krillin and Rev. Dynamic Duo is what I like to call them. Then you have the staff of Sakura Zuka and J&P churning out vid after vid.

    All in all, I say cool!

  • Retire Euphoria 2005-07-01 03:23:32 Don't get me wrong. I love the video Euphoria. It has been the number one video on for two years running. It won a bunch of awards in 2003 including Video of the Year amoung others.

    But I think the time has come for the powers that be of to officially retire Euphoria.

    Geez, when baseball players hit the high notes even they go to the Hall of Fame.

    How about a Hall of Fame for amv's? Euphoria could be moved off of the Top Ten and into History of one of the best vids of all time. I think thats a fair trade off.

    What do you think? 
  • All Flash No Substance Makes Jack's or Jill's video......DULL!!!! 2005-06-14 13:13:12 I am sick to death of seeing videos who tout "yeah, we made this with After Effects!" or "yeah we made this with Adobe Premiere 7.0" and you watch the damned thing and then you say, "oh my god...yuck."

    I'm putting myself above this. One year ago, I took an experiment with a video called Koi No NazoNazo. Most people have referred to this video as Vegeta & Bulma: The Musical.

    However what I am getting at is if you are going to make a special effects oriented video at least makes one that makes sense!!! Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of videos out there like Shonen Bushido for instance or Whisper of the Beast that combine both direction and effects beautifully in a truly artistic and stylish manner.

    Then you have others who throw together clips and then say "hey let's put a few effects in for good measure."

    Case in point, why am I raging? I just saw a video which had the potential to be oustanding. Totally outstnadsing but it had so many effects you didn't know what the video was about after a while.

    So case in point if the effect doesn't make an "effect" on your audience then there is no reason the affect your video with effects.

  • Cool Fans 2005-06-13 19:14:09 I just want to give a shout out to everyone who's been giving me really great opinions lately.

    Its fantastic to get feedback and I hope that I've provided you with some good insight too.

    Hey Ice Wolf

    You do rock ;)

    Thanks for a great complement

    I hope to see some of your videos shortly and you guys are cool. You are not "noobs." but really great people.

    Thanks again

    You all rock! 
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