JOURNAL: Yaaku (Bence )

  • Stopped making AMVs and... 2010-11-03 05:10:37 I stopped making AMVs, however i still want to do a "last one".
    Anyway, i'm really grateful to "AMV".
    Now i study media art at the best art universtiy in hungary, if i wouldn't have done amvs, i wouldnt have found that i'm kinda talented in making motion pictures...

    So thanks amv, and thank you org, it was a pleasure "meeting" you. 
  • YCA 2010-01-31 18:10:17 Best Action Video:
    Aggressor - De:Light

    Best Character Profile:
    BasharOfTheAges - FutaMeat Armstrong

    Best Collaborative Video:
    Copycat_Ileia - Rainbow Umbrella

    Best Comedy Video:
    Copycat_Revolver - Bloocheck: Dynamic Movie Voice

    Best Dance Video:

    Best Dramatic Video:
    Aggressor - Forever Angel

    Best Firtst Video:
    lumiere86 - Can't let go

    Best Fun Video:
    Haunter103 - A Feel-Good AMV

    Best Horror creepy Video:
    Bauzi - Being a superstar

    Best No-Effects Video:
    Kyssifur - Number 1

    Best Parody Video:
    Velho - Black Music Club

    Best Romantic Video:
    Osnar - Nuvole d'Oceano

    Best Sentimental Video:
    Nunchuck - Whoaaa Did you see that Unicorn?

    Best Serious Video:
    Ingow - Mantra

    Best Trailer or Commercial:
    Copycat_Revolver - Bloocheck: Dynamic Movie Voice

    Best Use of Instrumental Music:
    Shinnie04 - Eliminate, Etxirpate, Asphyxiate

    Best Use of Lip Synch:
    Haunter103 - Creative Black Space

    Best Use of Multiple Anime:
    Qwaga - ChillOut

    Best Use of Special Effects:
    Tana-sama - Butterflies of God

    Editor of the Year:

    Most Artistic Video:
    Tana-sama - Butterflies of God

    Most Original Video:
    Nunchuck - Whoaaa Did you see that Unicorn?

    Rookie of the Year:

    Video of the Year:
    Fall_Child42 - Year of the Pirate. fuck jeah.

    So fuck jeah, now, i can only vote in 7 category.

    Good job.

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