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  • What's up? 2009-03-15 16:47:57 Since my last journal entry, I guess Iíve gone through a lot of life changes. Long-story-short, Iíve got a badass new formatted computer with bitchiní software and brand new AMVís. Iím so happy I could cry.

    Plus, check out my NEW LOGO! I figured that it was time to retire the silhouette with the red background. Itís pretty, but I need something more, oh I donít know, trendy. I got an old college roommate to do that for me and I think it looks great. The picture it was based on came from Sugoi-Con 2008, and it was just traced around and filled in with Adobe Photoshop.

    Speaking of conventions, Iím going to attend Tekkoshocon 2009 next month!!! Itís been too long since Iíve been to a convention, and for all three days too. I figure I need a rest from the world, and a nice delirious weekend in Pittsburgh sounds like a great idea. Plus, Iíll have a hotel room to myself, so if any ladies want to come visit me youíll be welcome ;-)

    But seriously, Iím hard at work again on several new projects. I mean it for real, my computer is about to bust with all the videos Iím working on! Iíve got music videos and trailers too, so for the next few months Iíll be keeping busy (at this point you may wonder where Iím getting so much free time to myself, well Iím unemployed for starters). As a matter of fact, Iím planning to have a world premiere of a new AMV at Anime Punch! (Armageddicon) in April. Sooooo, be sure to look out for that, but for now hereís a hint: it has to do with airplanes.

    Good luck to all the other editors out there, even to my competitors. Keep us all entertained with kids piloting giant robots and fanservice.

    - Samurai Jake
  • The reason I haven't made a recent AMV... 2008-08-26 11:50:57 As you can see on my profile, I haven't made a fresh AMV since June. This is not by choice, instead it is merely through a series of bad accidents. Mainly, it has to do with a very nice girl who saw that my computer needed upgrading. I though this would be a good idea, since I've been working almost exclusively with Windows 2000.

    Now, when she went to re-format my computer (and all you comp geeks can start your groaning), she got all of my AMV's off the computer but has not installed the latest version of Adobe Premiere for me. Therefore, I am without an adequate editing system...because my old editor was also the way I could capture my video files. So to sum it all up, I might be S.O.L. for a while.

    However, never fear! I'm still getting great ideas all the time and once I'm ready to get my software back in action I'll be blazing new AMV's all the time. The trailers that premiered at the 2008 Comic-Con are enough for me to get excited, and be sure that appropriate AMV's are on their way (Watchmen is coming soon, hee hee)

    - Samurai Jake 
  • First time writing one of these (I can't believe it either) 2008-04-03 08:43:43 4/3/08

    As I've been keeping myself busy with the .org, I've just recently noticed that I can actually keep a journal of AMV related material! Oh lucky me!

    Well anyway on to the entry. I've just finished winning Nat-Chan's Iron AMV wars at Animarathon 2008 and I'm still feeling the thrill of victory. Of course, my kudos to Noob, my competitor, who also made a good video full of major pwnage against me. I'm currently seeing if I can sign up for Anime Central in May, but for now I've got other projects to work on.

    Right now I'm mostly concerned with trying to pimp my AMV's out to anime conventions to win awards and build a reputation and such. My AMV "Inuyasha's 300" has been a big hit on Youtube since I put it up in January, but so far it hasn't been honored at even one con. This makes me a little upset, but then again it's still early so anything is possible.

    Oh one more thing, Anime Punch! 2008 is coming up next weekend! I don't think I can afford to stay all weekend long (though I really wish I could), so I'll show up for the closing ceremonies and pray to the anime Gods that I win something :-|

    Until then I'll be searching around for future projects and fun ideas to dick around with. The summer movie blockbusters will start up soon, and I've already got some trailer ideas. More to come...

    - Samurai Jake 
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