JOURNAL: Radman (David Hendricks)

  • ::sigh of relief:: 2005-08-08 11:17:15 I am so glad that I'm done with my new AMV. As much as I like it, its too dark for my normal demeanor. Heck, with a name like "asphxiation", it should be dark. But the fact that the song has a particularly vulgar swear word in it (something I do NOT do) and is done with particularly violent show (something I try not to get too involved with) has made for a sort of "black sheep" AMV in my mind. I feel like the artist who has done his first nude drawing, and realised that even though its really good, its not what he wants to become.
    So on to happier, less bloody action AMVs done to songs without vulgarity in them. yay. 
  • done! 2004-11-03 22:46:23 ::sigh::...its kinda sad burying all the work done over a several months. I took an obscene amount of time to finish my latest vid (Furious Angel), so deleting everything now that I'm done is kind of hard.

    Oh well. Its uploaded for the public to now enjoy. On to big and better things! 
  • Getting closer......... 2004-09-26 21:50:59 My new AMV is almost finished, huzzah! I know its really good, the only problem I really forsee is that because its to a song without music, the audience will have to 1:make their own interpretations of the footage, 2:focus on the movie instead of the music, or 3:just not like the movie as much (I hope 3 isn't the case)

    Still havent decided on a name yet. Song name is Furious Angel, the show is Trigun. I either figure "Furious Angel", "Desperate Angel(s)", or "Hisshi no Tenshi" (Angel of Desperation)

    Is using a Japanese name a bad idea? Any comments ou there please?

    Check it out if you're going to AnimeUSA or Nekocon (or some other con I forgot)

    Wish me luck!

  • Onward!!! 2004-09-13 01:28:13 Well, I have now uploaded my first two videos. They suck.. sorta... but go ahead, watch 'em, give an opinion or two!

    I'm so happy!! I have my Trigun DVD's, Premiere, a comp., songs, alotta ideas, and nothing else matters!!!! Let's hope my "Furious ANgel" vid turns out good.....
  • Surrender to the power of AMVs!!!!!! 2003-06-05 19:46:08 Yesh, now is the time. I love making them. The biggest annoyance though is when you have TOO many ideas......hmmm. HEY, YOU! Yeah You!The one reading this, do you want an AMV idea? (heheh, talking to the void is fun). I've got one down, and about 10 more to go (better get to work ^ ^)

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