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  • New amv coming up 2007-12-23 12:04:35 Got a new one planned. I was at an American English concert last night(its a cover band of the Beatles) and I am going to make a horror/drama video with the song 'A day in the Life'. If your wondering how you can make a horror video with the Beatles just listen to their psychedelic years. I'm planning on using full metal alchemist. Should be pretty cool.

  • =D 2007-11-25 17:29:05 Well anyways got me a starting spot on the basketball team. first game is tomorrow and I'm pretty damn nervous. well lets just hope for hte best.

    Alright so I watched 300 a couple days ago and i thought it sucked ass. yes thats right, i said it. i was bored as hell the whole movie and the action scenes weren't that great imo.(sex scene was pretty dull to LMAO) but yeah  
  • stuffs 2007-10-27 16:51:47 so anyways soccer seasons over now. we lost in sectionals in a quadruple overtime penalty kicks. sigh* o well now I just started training for basketball haha. I wasn't even planning on doing basketball but might as well try some new things out at high school.

    So anyways at school bout a month ago me and my friend got a weeks worth of detention for killing the biology fish lawl. For detention we had to clean the old fish tanks that hadn't been cleaned in like 10 years. It was actually quite amusing xD

    But all my classes are going pretty good too. a lot better than first quarter that is.

    So anyways I started playing fire emblem for the gba again and I should beat it in the next week or two if i keep playing.
    Also GUITAR HERO 3 COMES OUT TOMORROR!!!!!!!!!woooooooooooooooooooooot. 
  • omg..... 2007-08-25 20:23:56 fucking hardest soccer practice today. We did sprinting drills for 2 fucking hours. a lot of kids barfed too. Have you ever sprinted down and back the 120 yd field 3 times? well it isn't pleasesnt.

    Anyways got a back to school dance in like an hour. Should be alright I guess. I've always just went to dances for hanging out with some friends, free food, and most importantly girls.

    meh thats all i got

  • started school and other stuffs 2007-08-20 20:00:57 yeah first day of high school today. It was huge compared to my last school in junior high we only had one hallway so finding my way around is gunna be hard. But I already knew a good amount of people from soccer and just others I knew lol. So they schoo, has an anime club but meh I'm not doing it. I would have a feeling they wouldnt like any (or heard of) animes besides dbz, naruto, bleach and other shounen not to be a dick but I kinda dont wanna do it just because of my social status....but I would just like to say their are some hot girls at our school lol at my old school are class only had like 15 girls so yeah you get what I'm saying.

    On the side not started working on my soad 2 mep track again. I made a lot of changes but its turning out nicely(hopefully) so @ kev it will be done soon I promise =D

    But yeah thats all i got.

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