JOURNAL: competitionbros (Albert/King Smith/Brown)

  • @Taite 2012-05-19 22:13:02 I personally know alot of really good editors that stay away from the Org strictly based on the "horror" stories of it and believe the whole place is like that. Unfortunately, generalization is what people do best rather than experiencing something for themselves or giving it a far chance.

    I can equate this to "mainstream" music and it's fans/detractors: Alot of "purists" feel that ALL mainstream music is terrible despite never even listening to it. They simply hear a few songs and say "the music of today is terrible and will remain terrible." This is the Org's mentality, or at least what the Youtube community believes it is: A bunch of people that think any editor from Youtube is terrible and beyond help.

    On the other hand you have the mainstream fans. They hear songs on the radio and feel that it's something fun or deep or w/e and they simply like it. Whenever someone says a word against their music, regardless of if it is thought-out or troll-like, they can't accept it. They say it's popular or sales alot so they must be right. This is Youtube, or at least how I and possibly others see it: A bunch of people that cannot take criticism since all they get is praise from their subscribers/fans no matter how bad their video is.

    Honestly I tend to ignore both sides when it comes to this. No side is entirely in the right but it hardly helps our niche hobby to not give the other side a chance. 
  • 2012-05-16 22:27:47 Say we'll start announcing our vids, stop making fulls - ScumbagCompbros 
  • 2012-02-05 14:44:11 I really I need to get off my ass and start announcing our vids. 
  • Youmacon 2011 Winners that we can't post on the Org 2012-02-02 12:16:05 Spongebob Video (Best in Show):

    Multiple Live Action/Cartoon Sources (Best Dance): 
  • Back........with a vengance. 2010-12-10 19:15:19 1 1/2 months after destroying the Youmacon amv contest.....ok we got 3 awards but let us have this, OK? We don't win many things and...............getting off track.

    After over a month of problems it's time to get back into the swing of things. MEP tracks to finish, vids to put out and an MEP/Tournament to host. Yea, let's talk about those two.

    For the people that were interested in the "Bridging the Gap" MEP but knew they couldn't make the due date it's your lucky day or week or w/e. Because of the many things going on in my life I haven't been able to finish this up by the end of the year like I wanted. With that said I've decided not to even post a due date to till early January and the final due date probably won't be till like April so you've got plenty of time:

    I'd suggest checking in with the thread every know and then since I need to see if anyone wants to drop and open that year up.


    Last Day (12/10/10) to sign up for the "New Year's Tournament". Whether you enter for fun, practice, or the 100 dollar prize I suggest you do it quickly: 
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