JOURNAL: Cyanna (Katie T-W)

  • Haven't written here in a while. 2003-12-28 09:53:39 What has it been? Seven months?

    NGE footage somehow made its way into my hands. Made 2 vids...not half bad attempts considering I use WMM2. As mediocre as they are I've been told I have a grasp for using appropriate scenes and creating workable ideas.

    My Rei banner is in...Love Hina didn't make it...and I made a Strong Bad banner that got in too.

    Got a liiiiittle more active on the forums. Still not my favorite place to post and I was terrified to announce my first AMV (never really did "officially" announce the second). But for this particular interest, I can't think of any other place that is as informative.

    *scans boards* Ooooooof.....I am definately going to be hearing about this later. =(

    Somehow I feel as if I failed... 
  • *runs with mouse* 2003-05-26 00:25:24 I made another banner. This one's a cute Naru/Keitaro theme. I found a screenshot from an episode I've never seen in wich they are watching the sun set (or rise). It's just the sweetest thing. It's a reddish color too. I don't normally work with red schemes. I'm not used to the feels of the colors. But I'm content with the result. I originally wanted to make it animated with a catchy phrase. But it was too much for the size limit and my the phase WAS a bit dorky. I like the static one much better. My Rei banner...seems to be doing alright. I just wish 13 more people would vote on it already. Then I'd know if it stunk or not instead of thinking that people are just lazy. :P Ah well. I least I'm enjoying myself. I need to get used to making things for other tastes and not just my own. This is starting to provide an oppertunity for that. 
  • I think I found a purpose here after all. 2003-05-25 09:27:50 What on earth is a person like me doing here anyway? I'm not an anime expert. I don't have the equipment (or any DVDs) to make a proper video. I just sit here and download them. I don't even review them unless I REALLY got into a video. It doesn't help when you've had no practice in the art. But it doesn't seem very right. For the first time, I've signed up on a site and I don't do anything with it as far as active participation is concerned. When I signed with I at least wrote somthing. When I signed up with Elfwood I drew something. I sign up with I can't make anything. Until yesterday when I discoved that those random banners I see overhead were made by registered members (am I a doofus or what?). Now THAT is something I'm capable of. :D So I made my first one last night...nothing too flashy. It's a calming blue banner that features Rei from Evangelion with the slogan "puts a smile on your face." God knows Rei rarely smiles, but she is in the banner. I hope that it's worthy enough. It'd certainly make me feel a little better. It's not bad for a first attempt. I'd have to study the more popular ones a little more to see what's liked around here and then include my own little twists in it. 
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