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  • My VCA votes... 2009-03-13 17:55:14 ... are public =O
    [AMV title - editor
    (other honorable mentions)]

    Decode - JCD
    (Jam Sports - atio, Never Gonna Stop Me - Ileia)

    Character Profile:
    Go the distance - Castor Troy
    (Chick-Chicky-Boom! - Ileia, Paper Image - Koopiskeva)

    Collaborative Video:
    /no vote

    Comedy Video:
    Clarissa - Bonefixer
    ('Bustin - DriftRoot, Anime Academy Heroes - The Second Raid - Infinity Squared, Chick-Chicky-Boom! - Ileia, Code: Ecchi - ~Aggressor~)

    Dance Video:
    Shake THAT!!! - Arczi
    (Now or Never - Ileia, Attack Of The Otaku - Chiikaboom)

    Dramatic Video:
    Twilight - Koopiskeva
    (Memento Mori - NightPunisher)

    First Video:
    /no vote

    Fun Video:
    Ouran POP - JadeCharm OR Code: Ecchi - ~Aggressor~
    (Attack Of The Otaku - Chiikaboom, Clarissa - Bonefixer, Shake THAT!!! - Arczi)

    Horror Video:
    Macabre Serenade - Ileia
    (Phobia - CrackTheSky, What's He Building? - Ingow)

    Multi-Editor Project:
    Memory Flash˛ Freedom - SoH
    (Gothik - Autraya, Shoop Da Koop! - mirkosp, [MEP] Para Starlight - Dn@)
    ~I have no idea what's FMS' bday video doing in there, I'm pretty sure I unchecked the box thingy, but it seems that MEP category is imune to it. Or it's maybe that all participants have to uncheck the box. Either way, don't vote for it.

    No-Effects Video:
    Paper Image - Koopiskeva

    Parody Video:
    Code: Ecchi - ~Aggressor~

    Romantic Video:
    More than Enough - ZetZu
    (A Sudden Love ...or? - Alex Daikou, Hold On - CrackTheSky, Memento Mori - NightPunisher, [Deltod]Chimera - Deltod)

    Sentimental Video:
    Twilight - Koopiskeva
    (Hold On - CrackTheSky)

    Trailer or Commercial:
    Mirrors - neko lover
    (Magical/Stay Night - SF_Phoenix, The Edge of the City - Ileia)

    Use of Instrumental Music:
    Anime Academy Heroes - The Second Raid - Infinity Squared
    (Maximum Velocity; Oum my God - Ileia)

    Use of Lip Synch:
    Chick-Chicky-Boom! - Ileia
    (Now or Never - Ileia, Ouran POP - JadeCharm, Phobia - CrackTheSky)

    Use of Multiple Anime:
    Memento Mori - NightPunisher
    (Anime Academy Heroes - The Second Raid - Infinity Squared, Auriga - Nostromo_vx, Clan Warfare! Pwnage? - Fizziks, Trapped - » AceMan)

    Use of Special Effects:
    Jam Sports - atio OR Memento Mori - NightPunisher
    (Auriga - Nostromo_vx, FOTOGRAFIA LA SOLEDAD - Megamom, Twilight - Koopiskeva)

    Editor of the Year:
    (Ileia, Koopiskeva, ZetZu, ~Aggressor~)

    Most Artistic Video:
    (Twilight - Koopiskeva)

    Most Helpful Member:
    (this category kinda lost it's purpose but oh well)
    go go Danielle :/

    Most Improved Editor:
    (Radical_Yue, ZetZu, mirkosp)

    Most Original Video:
    Clan Warfare! Pwnage? - Fizziks
    (Twilight - Koopiskeva)

    Rookie of the Year:
    /no vote (at least not before the finals)

    Video of the Year:
    C o c k t a i l - Megamom
    (Memento Mori - NightPunisher, Twilight - Koopiskeva) 
  • VCA's :S 2009-03-10 16:24:00 People should stop complaining. Some of you have been here long enough to know what VCA's mean. If you don't like it, don't participate. Or don't even vote. Or don't pay attention.
    Personally, I didn't vote in the nominations round, but it's not like I avoided doing it, I just didn't have time lately. I'll post my semi-final/final votes here soon enough.

    In the end, some of the videos I really enjoyed last year didn't get through but I'll just simply find other ones that I think could fill in and vote for them.

    Congratulations to the semi-finalists and good luck! 
  • 2009-02-18 20:56:03 What happened to Jay's awards? |: 
  • 2009-02-14 19:33:46 I went to karaoke tonight.
    Never knew it was that awesome =O 
  • 2009-02-12 16:16:51 I haven't seen an amv I liked recently. Someone needs to make a kickass something soon or I give up : 
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