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  • Computer names 2010-09-22 23:17:19 I feel in a talky mood, so what the heck.

    I've got a large number of computers and associated devices, so I need a convenient naming scheme to keep them straight. Since I'm getting a new box in very soon, I figured it might be nice to take stock of the current list. As you may notice, the current scheme is based on characters in Record of Lodoss War:

    Deedlit - My main desktop, C2Q 8200, 4 GB DDR2, gobs of HD space, W7-64, and where I do most of my editing.

    Parn - My Dell Studio 1555 laptop, C2D 4500, 4GB RAM, W7-32, and my secondary editing platform, when I'm out and about

    Orson - My 120 GB iPod Classic. It was about the only other device I had when I started this scheme, and it needed a name.

    Shiris - My Asus Eee 1005HAB netbook (Atom N270, 1GB RAM, XP-32). Nice for writing code or watching simple things in the car or on planes.

    Spark - My old computer, A64 3500+, 2GB DDR. It lasted me nearly five years, and is still together in case of catastrophic failure of my other systems.

    Neese - A WAMP web server in a VM on Parn, where I test various web things so I'm not running a server on any real system (snapshots are wonderful things if you screw up)

    Etoh - My old PowerBook G4. It's tired and old and dying, but not quite dead yet. I haven't the heart to just throw it out, given how much I've done with it over the years I've had it.

    Ghim - My WD TV Live. I pretty much only use it at other people's places, to play videos from external HDs or flash drives on big TVs. It's only on the network so it can get firmware updates.

    So the next question is, what do I name the new box, which will be a Shuttle XS35GT-804 (Atom D510, 2GB DDR2, Ion II)? I'm running a bit low on non-evil and non-annoying characters, so almost by default, I'm going to name it Slayn
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