• First opinion recieved ^^ 2004-03-16 13:25:47 'tis been a long time since I logged on here. I've just not felt like it in a while. Don't know why, it's just the way things are :)

    Well, as I got on, I was suprised to see that I have actually gotten an opinion =) So this post is just a "thank you" sending out to aceman67 for taking the time to rate my video even though it's not even a local download. I will surely take a look at yours too ;-) 
  • Time. 2004-01-10 05:01:48 I feel time flow by far too fast these days. I'm halfway through this semester and I feel like it's just a few weeks since I started the PREVIOUS semester. Since then I've only managed to do a short Ninja Scroll video, a Kite video, and a NGE-video that I'll never release, 'cause spite of all the effort I put into it, it plainly sucked.

    And I still haven't been able to get a decent web-page up. I've bought a domain and got hosting, but all that's there at the moment is a link to a stupid live-video I made this christmas. I basicly have a plen for my design now (after discarding four already) and hope this'll turn out satisfying..

    What I do have accomplished though, is getting an ADSL connection and I finally have the desired bandwith to upload my videos. 
  • Warcraft Custom Mapping/AMV Editing 2003-07-17 14:11:42 For the time being I am at such a state that Video Editing is not possible for me to accomplish. There are several main reasons:

    1. I've run out of HD-space! I can fit no more into my 80gig HD.. And taknig CD backup copies of everything is just a vaste on time and money. Therefore I will wait untill I'm "rich" enough to buy a new HD before I take up editing again.

    2. I seem to be stuck with my ongoing project. I will try to get this done before I start some of my other Ideas. The thing is, I always have to much going on in the same time I'll try to change that and start working more thoroughly on each project I start, wether it be a homepage or an AMV.

    3. I've decided to make some custom maps for Warcraft 3. I finally begin to understand the extremely difficult editor and loves to play around with it. My first map is a "score most points to win" type critter killing scenario. Feeling it is really raising above the average critter scatter maps, I can't wait to get some feedback on it. I assume it'll be done within the next ten days. It was mainly ment as a way to aquire skills to building the RPG I've planned. When it will be done, I don't know, but I feel I've got the compatability to do it now.

    4. Summer. Vacation. Lots of time to do editing... i thought... I've had to help out around the house a lot over the last weeks and I only get to do editing at late evenings/nights. Earning a little money is essential too as I am moving far from home this fall.

    And since it's summer, I have to enjoy the outdoors a little too ;-)

    I'll post a link to my maps in my journal and in the Forum when they're done.

    Thanks for reading! :D 
  • Sleeepy... 2003-05-30 21:18:55 I'm just sitting up, waiting for that solar... thingy... you know, when the sun goes all black. I figuered I'd never be able to get up 5:30 AM anyway, so I'd just stay up all night :D It gives me time to work on the Love Hina video I'm doing too. I really want this video to be great! I think everything I've done so far is quite good, espessially the opening. But I regret using Fansubbed episodes. Guess it's kinda my own fault cince I never got around and bought the DVD's while I still had some money -.-' Editing with subtitles and crappy quality is SO much harder than I imagined! I'll just have to make the best out of the situation and maybe do a remake if I'd someday get my hands on the DVD's.

    /rambling :D 
  • Depressed.. 2003-05-29 17:41:33 I bet you've all felt the same.. I'm so tired of the people around me. So tired of all their stupid ideas and point-less mission in their pathetic lives.

    For the past year I've been living among some really anoying people and since this semester's almost over, I feel to write this down, while my feelings are still strong and the hate for this life-style burns strongly in my heart. I'm truly hoping to get into the school I've applied for, I've been working hard to get good grades and hasn't been a day off school, just so I'll be able to escape these people. I'm not being beat-up, picked on or anything that serious. It's just their disrespect for other people and slobby, ugly way of living that pisses me off. They always have to think they're so much better than others, just to cover the shame of failing s much as they do. And instead of trying to do things right, they'll blame it on someone else while they falsly triumphing towards glory. The fake outer is somewhat of a protecting wall, just to hide behind as their education is wasted. Is sitting behind a TV-set, watching bad soaps and reality shows all they wanna do? Is staying up every other night, doing nothing but making jokes about teachers, fellow students, family and friends really worth it all?

    ...or am I at fault here?

    whatever.. I'm just in a bad mood... rambling on about my conserns probably doesn't interest any of you at all. Just felt like kina writing it off me, if you know what I mean.. See you around.
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