JOURNAL: The Great Wang

  • Random Acts of Violence Editing Method 2003-04-08 21:37:40 Well this is a new editing technique that i conjured up last night when i was editing my school's wrestling highlights video.

    The method is put all of the footage you have on the time line, and i mean everything. Then grab the video cutter, then randomly cut pieces of the footage and rearranging them randomly. Then hope that all the pieces match with the song.

    I did this for like 50% of the video, and everyone loved it. O_O

    Ah, laziness, what shall I do without thee.... 
  • You're not in Heaven, You're in......HAIL!!! 2003-04-06 20:45:09 Is it me, or did the pledged recieveD for the golden donut jump up $100,000? O_O

    yup.....not much to say 
  • My Very Awkward Experience of the Night of August 31 2002-09-01 18:54:15 Word of Advice: "Never sleep sideways on a waterbed," let me explain....

    I started sleeping on a waterbed sideways with my right arm under me. About 3 hours later, I slept facing up. Then a little later, I realized that there was someones arm on top of my crotch. >_<
    I was like "what the hell..." I grabbed that arm with my left arm, threw the unknown arm away from me. But oddly when i threw it, my right shoulder tugged and went the same direction. Finally I realized that my right arm went numb from sleeping sideways and it was my own right arm that was on my crotch, it was just freaky...then I had an awesome dream ^_^

  • i believe my left thumb is bleeding.... 2002-08-27 00:00:49 i just got guilty gear x for the ps2 today, and i've played it for about 2 and half hours non stop. Damn, my thumb hurts, SCREW YOU SOL! anyways...

    i got to use windows movie maker for the first time ever, and boy do i have to say, that program blows. But for some odd reason, a sick overjoyous feeling came over me...i think it's because the only clip i could use was an 8 min xenosaga to the song butterfly. Sorry, that was the only thing i had at the time...

    what blows...

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....TO ME!!!! 2002-08-11 14:32:02 Yay, it's my birthday, I don't have to work, I got dance dance revolution, and I'm at a legal age to buy pornography! ^_^


    "(Quick brain, think of something). I was at the pornography store, i was buying pornography." - Homer Simpson 
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